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    New guild wanting help with logs

    Hey guys my guild recently went into SoO and we wiped on the 3rd boss a few times tonight hitting the zerk timer on our best attempt. I want to read WoL but honestly I just had no clue how to read other classes/give them solid input on what to change. Was wondering if you guys could give me any tips or if you guys see anything I really need to look further into.

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    I don't play any of the dps classes used but:
    Both of your tanks need advice. The warrior especially. He barely used defensives the whole fight. He used shield block 3 times and shield barrier 6 times. He gained a lot more rage than that. Better warriors can look at his gearing / talents and ability usage but if he does less than 50k dps its clear something is badly wrong

    The paladin:
    - Low EF uptime (36%)
    - Only used DP 3 times when he could have used it 12
    - His shield of the righteous uptime is low
    - Hes using sanctified wrath where DP should be better.
    - He needs to use his BS sockets on his wrist and gloves
    - He should stop matching gems for socket bonuses unless the socket bonus is haste or mastery. Its certainly not worth doing for str / dodge or parry.
    - Holy prism is a better choice on norushen, its more in line with the damage pattern (20 sec CD)

    Some of this may be because they are phased for the fight.

    One question. How are you sending people to the other realm? I'd hope you are sending 2 lots of tank/ best dps for starters at least since you are 3 healing it. This has a big impact on the dps people can achieve.

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    If one of your healers has a DPS offspec have him do that, it'll help with enrage and the damage is more or less nonexistent. My main is a RDruid, so I can't say much for the other classes. But I did notice that your RDruid only had 89% uptime on Harmony, that should basically be about 99% or so. There's really no reason for it to ever fall off.

    Other than that, make sure your DPS is fast getting to the other realm. If there are 5-10 second gaps in between each DPS going in that's a massive problem and fixing that will help a ton.
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