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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazzeh View Post
    You say that like you are so certain of yourself. 10man drop rates are horrible!
    Not when you're the only clothie in the group=]

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    Bluh, I just spend 50.000 coins on the chi-yi trinket, but apearantly the yu-lon's trinket would have been a better choice. Is the difference between both trinkets large enough for me to farm another 50.000 coins and spend another 500 valor upgrading? And if I understand things right horridons heroic trinket is better then both timeless trinkets right? How does horridons heroic trinket compare to siegecrafters trinket regen wise?

    I rolled loot on both immersus heroic (shadow specialised) and on sha heroic this week, too bad it was only gloves and a neck I got
    If you had regen issues then the Crane trinket would be better, but if you didn't then Yulon's trinket would be better; simplest way to put it.

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