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    There are so many.
    Leveling my first toon 1-70 Shaman all in Resto spec spamming lightning bolt and killing one add at time healing me as hell and getting out of Mana every pull. After that i was so bored that i started a warrior (arms) leveled to 70 and decided to start tanking without any knowledge of what to do or how to do it. First entrance in a heroic with some guild mates, charge pulling all the way and getting like 4 packs of mobs at the same time, we imploded as a Supenova. after that i started to study trying to learn my class.

    Other random errors: Leveling a DK, equipping as a DK. becoming an officer, trying to talk to most people in wow. a lot of mistakes

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    Join the game. It allows me to get to see the true dark side of people hiding behind their screen.

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    When I first started my friend as a prank told me that the 3 z's you see next to your health when in an Inn or city meant I was going to die of no sleep.

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    Remembered the worst chat mistake I've made, was a while back... In a channel used for a realm-wide chat (it's a private) players were playing around saying "WTB [whatever weird random thing they linked]," the weirder the better.

    I wanted to play along... I really did try. So I accidentally said "WTF [whatever thing it was]." You can imagine how that turned out.

    This place is supposed to be strictly family friendly. A little embarrassed, but gave some a good laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannondude View Post
    When I first started my friend as a prank told me that the 3 z's you see next to your health when in an Inn or city meant I was going to die of no sleep.
    Your friend is a brilliant person!
    Cave Cave Deus Videt

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    Made a Shaman as a second class only to level up as Enhance based off of feedback from a friend. All good so far .. except I had no idea that Shaman was also a melee class .. needless to say leveling up with lightning bolts as enhance spec wasn't easy.

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    1. I once tried to Pug Karazhan on my old main, which was a hunter. As the raid leader. I didn't know what recount/vent was and was probably in PvP gear and questing stuff. We made it much further than we really should have (Aran) and I still feel the soul crushing guilt for subjecting them to how bad I was. On the plus side, I knew not to move in flame wreath?
    2. Once telling the best hunter on server he was an idiot for saying he could tank Headless Horseman with his pet in BC. The guy had killed Illidan and KJ at their worst.

    I actually have too many big mistakes to even pick one. Those two are just the tip of the iceberg. *shudder*

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    Bying Pandaria.
    If you're not being manipulated, then you're handled by professionals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    Brony please! ^^ Name one more succesful MMO out there.
    Rift and Aion. Theres 2 for you.

    No they don't have the success that WoW has, but that is mainly due to the fact that WoW just got to the market first. Rift plays and feels very much like WoW with some minor changes. Due to that, many players who left WoW to try Rift went back because they did not feel like starting over, or their friends were playing WoW. You ask WoW players why they play WoW over other MMO's and im willing to bet at least 70% of them tell you its because of the time they put into the game, or the friends they have in the game. Only the truly hardcore fans will tell you its because the game is better then anything else.

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    Probably not try to raid at least casually after Cata hit. Lfr ended up making me hate playing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    Sadly, with those actors... the "XXX Adaptation" should really be called 50 shades of watch a different porno.
    Muh main

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    Quote Originally Posted by kukui View Post
    Rift and Aion. Theres 2 for you.

    OT: I started a druid when I first began playing in BC, and back then you didn't get bear form until you did a small quest chain at level 14 or so.
    In this quest, you had to go to a cave in Darkshore and summon/kill a moonkin mob named... Lunaclaw(?) I think.
    My buddy had told me that feral druids used agility and meleed things, so I killed things by meleeing in caster form with a staff, and spamming moonfire.
    Got to Lunaclaw, and couldn't beat her no matter what I did, must have died upwards of 10 times.
    My friend came over to me, showed me regrowth and rejuvenation... Also wrath. Finally killed the mob, got my bear form and was overjoyed!

    Then I found out bears were for tanking, and not killing things like I wanted, and my cat form wouldn't be learned until level 20.

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    Trying MoP!

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    cant really remember my biggest make but here is my most recent more major one

    It was a Tuesday just before the wednesday reset for EU. I was choosing between joining 2 different pugs for Garrosh Normal.
    Grp nr 1 was a 8/10 Guild Rum, they hadnt killed it before tho but had some good attempts on it.
    The other pug was completely random but the leader in the grp had killed Garrosh once before on normal

    I decided to go with grp nr 1, guess what grp killed him that night?

    Im at 70 wipes on him now on Normal, SIGH

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    A better expansion.
    Probably selling my Original Hunter or lending a friend 50k and having it never be repaid.

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    I remember there was a period in time when I had joined this guild's second group on my paladin alt as a tank in Wrath. They had been stuck on Sindragosa forever (and I dont think they ever downed it either. I eventually got brought in their main group on my main). After one of the transition phases on what probably would have been their first kill I went to Hand of Freedom the other tank since I usually picked it up second. I hit Divine Intervention instead... which if you don't know kills the user and then places a protective bubble around the other player for 3 minutes which acts as a super stun and threat drop. The other tank had NO IDEA what had happened as he was pretty casual and only played a warrior. Needless to say, the group did not like getting frozen breath in their faces.

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    Trying to run a 2's arena team when they first came out in BC as two cat druids with no pvp gear that never left cat form.

    Being new to keybinding and pretty much binding the worse keys I possibly could and then leveling up a prot warrior to 85. The result was some serious carpal tunnel that kept me from playing the game for about a year.

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    Leaving my top US 20th guild back in T11
    Raid leading a guild of friends for the majority of cata (God that was terrible)
    Being an officer in a guild (Still am) - Not too bad, but it can be frustrating.
    Starting out as a healer in TBC not knowing wth I was doing during T5 (Soon rerolled to a rogue)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phookah View Post
    Not sure what is so funny. If Rift was a failure they would not have the player base they have, nor with they have been around this long with a sub model. They just went F2P a few months ago, and im willing to bet that they are making more money now then ever before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kukui View Post
    Not sure what is so funny. If Rift was a failure they would not have the player base they have, nor with they have been around this long with a sub model. They just went F2P a few months ago, and im willing to bet that they are making more money now then ever before.
    Uh, no. Going F2P is a desperation damage control move when an MMO can't sustain enough subscribers. Which is why Rift and SWTOR both started subscription and switched to F2P, not started as F2P in the first place.

    Rift was never going to be popular like WoW. Not since Everquest was there anything as wildly successful, and in comparison Everquest didn't have that many subscribers at its peak. Trying to copy WoW, and even being blatant about it with advertising, just isn't going to cut the mustard. Companies need to innovate and polish their game like crazy if they want to be top dog.

    And no, that's not fanboism. Those are the facts of the matter - F2P is only more profitable if a company can't sustain high subscribers.

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