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    Playing. /10 chars.

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    When I was still new to the game, I didn't understand at ALL how the talent system worked. I think I had it in my head that by the time I reached level 60 (this was in Classic when 60 was the level cap), I'd just be able to fill out all three talent trees. So I figured it didn't really matter while I was leveling, and I just threw points wherever I felt like it. By the time I reached level 60, I had a true hybrid spec where I had points a little ways down every tree.

    I got away with it for a long time because the armory didn't exist back then, and you couldn't inspect other people's specs. Eventually, one of my guildies figured out what was going on and schooled me on how to spec properly.

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    Leveling as a prot warrior on release of wow, took me months to level although I was casual 5 months to level was still crazy.

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    Raiding 20 hours a week at different points during the first three expansions.

    Horrible, horrible move that was - I quit a few different times during that but I think I probably did 20/week for no shorter than a 3 month span and at the longest probably 10 months. I swore to never, ever do that again when I quit in the middle of the year of Icecrown and I've stayed true to that pledge the last three years or however long it's been.

    I don't necessarily harshly regret it, but I would probably not repeat it.
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    Going Prot dual wield as my dps spec in Vanilla because stuns OP

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    Opting not to take part in the guild's farm Ulduar 25 Mimiron's Head mount runs because I thought I could just come in later and get it..

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    Trusting that level 1 that said these store bought mounts would NOT disappear from my mounts tomorrow.

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    buying mists of pandaria

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    Trying to tank level 60 dungeons in the last patch at the end of classic when they gave paladins their BC talents.

    The talents and gear options still weren't good enough until you got to raids at level 70. (Only warrior tier had defense rating. Green items with defense, if they even existed, were impossible to itemize)

    Second would be forgetting to play at the [second half*] of BC and not getting to get through BT to see Sunwell.
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    My worst mistake would have to be leaving a good guild over stupid bullshit. It's happened a few times in my years of playing. I've since learned.

    I'm a very confrontational person. I don't start things with anyone, but if I see someone talking shit unnecessarily to someone, I'll defend that person (if the point is worth defending) or if someone is bitching or bringing the raid down, I'll voice myself to them.

    I've since learned that it's better to be a part of a good guild and keep your mouth shut when douchebags chime in than to be the good guy. The douchebags will weed themselves out soon enough.

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    My worst mastake was that I didn't raid 7 nights a week while I had tons of time but only 4 :/

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    playing holy paladin instead of druid during tbc

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    Not doing more to prevent a guild-of-friends meltdown in WoTLK. Those raids turned out to be the most fun I would ever have in-game.

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    Using cloth items in SWP as a resto shammy... Fuck my heals were great, but wow, everybody looked me like "WTF!?!"

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    I once said on Ventrilo something along the lines of 'taunt, for god's sake' [after getting deadly levels of some stacks... I guess it was from Ragnaros] in a pug, revealing my gender.

    Then I found out - the hard way - that my co-tank was a 14y old kid looking for a girlfriend. Sweet god, he was such a creep. I mean, he was stalking me - whispering 'hi, sweetheart' every time I logged on, asking me where I live, whether I had someone, or if I 'liked' him. It didn't matter that I was ignoring every character he was writing to me from; he just created another.

    And the worst thing was - he wasn't speaking english in private chat, so when I send a ticket, asking for help, a GM told me they can't do anything cause they don't understand what he's saying. Thanks, really.

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    I remember my worst raiding-night, in Black Temple back in TBC. We were progressing on Illidari Council, and for some reason I died on literally every try. It was annoying because even though one or two of those deaths were my fault, many of the times were bad luck and so on, me running towards the healers but with them reacting slow. It was a combination of being an off-night and bad luck, and I ended up being replaced with another DPS, because they couldn't afford wasting combat-resses on me and so on. It was really embarrassing and the only time it has happened for me. It got worse, because the next day I found out that the plate-dps head had dropped, and that a tank got it for offspecc because nobody else had use for it. A head I needed badly.

    It was just an awful night for me.

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    This worst mistake is WOW is pretty much anything during and after cataclysm to now.

    Story, talent trees, content.... UGH

    It all just got so bad and continues to do so.

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    Not just playing a hunter from the start because that's clearly the only class Blizz wants in the game.
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    Playing Cata

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    Rolling on Detheroc.

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