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    I would delete my toon when i got bored back in Vanilla. Stated as a pally until 20 or so, deleted and tried a mage until 10 or 15. Then a warlock to mid 30s and finally a warrior, who is still my main. I knew I didn't have to. Not sure why I did. I don't even want to think about how much /played time I wasted instead of keeping them as alts.

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    Rolling my PvP main as a holy pally...every season just gets more frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandro View Post
    And no, that's not fanboism. Those are the facts of the matter - F2P is only more profitable if a company can't sustain high subscribers.
    That is oversimplifying to the point where it's no longer true. There's a strong interrelation between how much the top payers pay and whether or not that statement is true. While it may be fun to assume that those who won't subscribe to a game won't pay for anything, it's equally likely that the same player who thinks it inconvenient to subscribe to a game would find it inconvenient to play through the game like everyone else, and thus be willing to pay to skip grinding.

    Also, it will always appear on the outside to be damage control. Since games would be less successful at launch if the potential purchaser thought they could just pick it up for free later, it necessitates giving every appearance of releasing the game as a permanent subscription based game.

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    Trying to play MOP

    I knew I wouldn't like it, I cannot accept panda-men in WoW or Azeroth turning into China. I had hated the trailer and most the news that had come out from beta.

    I did not want to be prejudiced and wanted to give it a fair try. The more I tried to play MOP, the more I disliked it. It was a big mistake. Now, I have cooled off WoW more than ever and unsubbed for long term.

    If I had skipped MOP, taken a break until next expansion and waited it out, now I could be more enthusiastic about this old game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorlok View Post
    Selling my old account after finally getting Shadowmourne and Thunderfury because i "100% won't start again"...
    But no Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros?

    Trying to quit in classic and deleting all my chars. Back then I had to chose between my 60 raid geared mage or my 48 paladin.

    I picked my paladin.
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    1) not joining a guild or grouping up. Just duoing things around with my best friend
    2) not asking people or using online databases
    3)just not stocking up on lots of grandfathered recipes when I had the gold. I had the gold
    4)not "stealing" my mother's laptop more. I was only allowed to play 2 hours a day LOL laugh at me but it was a stupid rule at my house. I should have pulled allnighters when it actually mattered
    5)rolling on a pvp server I guess as alliance with a 1:3 pop...but it was the server the game made me pick >.<

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