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    Thok 10 man normal solo tank advice.

    I was reading on inc bear earlier and Buuran stated that his guild does 10 man hc solotank as bear.

    My guild is currently progressing on normal 10 man Thok. I am looking for advice on how best a bear should solo tank this fight.

    Armory- http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Shinryu/simple

    I have a 536 ROR that I can use if need be as well (currently not using as close to/on the crit cap) as a 522 soul barrier if they would be more beneficial.

    I've read in some places that it is recommended that the bear goes for mastery reforge to handle the higher physical damage while solo tanking.

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    you have way to many crit
    Critical Strike

    Instead of directly contributing to mitigation or survival as it did in Cataclysm, Critical Strike instead allows you to make more choices. This is accomplished by drastically increasing Rage generation through [Primal Fury]. Critical Strike grants on average more Rage generation than Hit/Expertise, however it does so in a similar manner to how Dodge vs Mastery works at preventing damage. In other words it provides more average Rage generation at the expense of making it more "spikey". A secondary effect is that the critical strike chance of spells - like [Healing Touch] - is also increased. For Rage generation purposes, melee Critical Strike has a soft cap of 76% against bosses which shows as 79% on your character sheet.

    Additionally [Bear Form] increases the Critical Strike rating from items (including Elixirs) by 50%.

    600 Critical Strike Rating = 1% Critical Strike (Melee/Ranged/Spell)

    use crit+hit gems (blue)
    use crit+exp (red)
    cloak stamina

    and for this fight bracer stamina

    more mastery - less haste
    mastery is very usefull if you take a high amount of physical dmg
    gloves - mastery

    never use RoR...
    maybe you have primordius trinket oder stamia trinkets
    no agi proc trinkets because of to many crit
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    I tend to solo tank this for my guild on normal, we've not reached heroics yet. My armoury in sig is what I use as standard, I don't change things to tank anything in particular (please excuse the mastery gem shit left over from testing a different gemming scheme, I should replace them with crit and crit/exp but I'm too lazy).

    I use Nature's Vigil for this fight (to be able to chain CDs together in the very first phase and the very last phase), and Feline Swiftness (to provide some speed for releasing the prisoners and catching the Jailer) and Faerie Fire glyph (to reach the Jailer quicker). I specifically un-glyph Survival Instincts.

    The first phase is the big one, as we extend it as long as we can to get Thok down to around 70% whilst popping all the CDs. Start off chaining SDs, use NV after a while, then Barkskin / Incarnation / 12-second SD towards the end. I'm taking stupid amounts of damage at the end but CDs (ask for Pain Suppression etc.) should be able to keep you up. The other time you take tons of damage is the very last phase (the middle two tanking phases don't tend to last very long so I don't take too much damage there), by which time everything will be off cooldown again so you can repeat the phase 1 strategy.

    You should generally go for socket bonuses too, as Leylaa says use crit/exp in reds and crit/hit or crit/stam depending on hit caps in blues. I'd also probably use your Soul Barrier instead of ToB.
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    I'm not really gonna contribute much to the thread but I would just like to say that there's something incredibly wrong with a game when tanks are allowed to stack crit. And not only allowed but, it seems, encouraged to.
    And even though it's reached new heights, I rather like the restless nights. It makes me wonder, makes me think there's more to this, I'm on the brink. It's not the fear of what's beyond, it's just that I might not respond! I have an interest, almost craving, would I like to get to far in?!

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    I solo tank it - see http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Nejji/advanced

    Crit is good. Don't waste your time on mastery.
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    you have way to many crit

    23411 / 1250 = 18.7288
    18340 / 400 = 45.85

    18.7288+45.85+8 = 72.5788

    So, no.

    I have a 536 ROR that I can use if need be as well (currently not using as close to/on the crit cap) as a 522 soul barrier if they would be more beneficial.
    No. Don't use RoRo. You'd probably want to go with the Soul Barrier, yeah. A lot of it really depends on how good your Guild's DPS is vs the healing. Panic can be handled with externals and your own cooldowns. Acid Breath gets a bit more dicey, but same deal. Frost is mostly harmless as long as your guild breaks you out ASAP.

    Fire is the one you need to worry about. You are going to have serious problems taking it past 4 or 5 stacks.

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    For normal mode, changing reforging for thok probably is not needed. I solo tanked thok (as a warrior tank though), when my guild first downed it in normal, and we usually ended the stacking phase at 4-5 stacks of the tank debuff, so just use your weak cooldowns at 2-3 and strong ones at 3-5, you will have all your cooldowns back for next stacking phase, so feel free to use everything.
    If you reach 5 stacks of the freezing debuff, have people nuke you open fast, because even if the phase ends right there, you have to pick up the jailor.
    You might want to use a stam trinket for thok btw.
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    I've solo tanked it with the normal Crit setup for the last couple of weeks, no need to do any crazy mastery reforges (553 Ilvl, now though lower last week as I got 2 items off Thok). Running Vial/Renataki's for trinks. Tried 1tank/2heal for a while but found it was too much of a pita, so went back to 1tank/3heal (Monk/Disc/Druid).

    I use Incarnation+Vigil just before 4 stacks + Surv Instincts/Ursoc at 4 (we aim for 6stacks on tank in P1) you'll want some healer cds on you for stack 5/6.
    We then open the frost add and do a very short phase where I only get to 4 stacks (so we don't have to bother with breaking me out the tomb before the add).
    After that we go for 4 stacks in the acid phase again as most the strong raid cds should be back up.

    I'm using Vigil at every boss tank phase with either Incarnation or Zerk, and glyphed Surv Instincts so it's up for each phase.

    Also the add hits like a truck if it gets enraged and isn't dispelled; can be dangerous if you also happen to have 4 stacks of frost/acid. Make sure a couple of your healers keep an eye on you at the start of the fixate phases and/or someone is assigned to tranq it. We started just opening cages asap (normally around 5-8 stacks on boss); originally we we're waiting until 10 but it's just too much hassle if people end up with chain fixates and get pinned in somewhere.

    Only thing I'm really finding irritating, is getting into a good position to pick him up after the aggro dump with our headless chickens running around with fixate. Had a few irritating attempts where I've ended up the opposite side to where the add spawns and had to attempt some crazy dinosaur spinning without getting people tail swiped.

    Probably not the ideal way to do it but it's working for us. I see you already got the kill today, so GZ, but maybe something will help you or someone else out. That, or someone will point out we're doing something horribly wrong.

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    We ended up getting it down after a few attempts. We had him dead in the phase 2 where we would be letting the fire guy out. Overall the only time I had any trouble which fortunately doc helped (lucky procs) was the last stack of panic and the last stack of the poison. We 1 tanked 2 healed with a resto shaman and resto druid.

    The thing that ended our attempts was not tank death, did get down to 9k at one point :P, but people not kiting the boss correctly at first.

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