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  • Patch 5.0 - Various faction quests

    6 3.68%
  • Patch 5.1 - Landfall

    56 34.36%
  • Patch 5.2 - The Isle of Thunder

    42 25.77%
  • Patch 5.3 - Escalation

    5 3.07%
  • Patch 5.4 - The Timeless Isle

    54 33.13%
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    Reputation is gained at a decent pace, dailies cycle, there is only a handful of them each day, and you get a short quest chain/scenario at the various reputation levels.

    5.2 would have been nice if the later dailies cycled. With the way they unlocked you had done the first few sets multiple times because they were up every day, and you got sick of them, then they finally got on a random cycle when the later stages opened, but then they did the same thing again with the forge quests almost always being the same except for that 1 quest. You either rescue prisoners or destroy drills.

    5.3 I never really did.

    5.4 feels like its lacking quests. A handful more dailies would have been nice for progression Shaohao rep.
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    5.2 > 5.1 > 5.0 > 5.3 > 5.4

    Isle of Thunder stands out because it was a great designed zone with a variation of dailies that had the option for PVE and PVP. It had Rare Elites, the Troves and such, and Scenarios to tell the story, which I think was better than the 5.1 version, if by a little. 5.1 was great but still.

    No love for 5.3/5.4 crap. Grind grind grind. 5.3 wasn't as bad because you were limited in terms of how much you could do, and it was linked with Valor which is what MoP feels to me, a Valor grind.

    5.4 makes the 200 Valor harder to get, has a crap new currency and chucks loot out to every Timeless Noob who wants to pop into Throne of Thunder or Siege of Orgrimmar LFR and cause others issues. In 5.4 any idiot can get full 496 Gear without even killing a Mob. The only thing I like somewhat is the 200 Valor Weekly Quest, even if I complete it every three weeks. The Elites are just annoying, most are dead before you can get close, especially Houlon, and I don't know what they were thinking with Evermaw. Unless your a Shaman or DK its annoying, you get killed by Fatigue and the bugger cannot be slowed. Also its the first time I've been forced to use my Water Strider, which I don't like even slightly. And that Shahao Rep can go to hell, I'll aim for it in 6.4. Has no sense of progression to Grindful Isle.

    And what others have said, more Dungeons. A Troll Five Man or SoO Five Man would have been great. To me 3.3 and 4.3 Dungeons have been my favourite groups in the game.

    Anyways, end of rant.

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    I enjoyed 5.1 most myself. Only a handful of dailies complemented by a single storyline quest chain. The reward in the form of story progression really made the dailies more bearable, even enjoyable at times. However, I really did like Timeless Isle approach too, but I don't see why the two would have to be mutually exclusive. They should combine these ideas in the future, because I believe these two ways of playing supplement each other and will eventually satisfy both those who dislike dailies and those who like them.

    I feel that they should also use scenarios for solo content too more often in the future, like they did with 5.2.

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    5.4 > 5.3 > 5.2 > 5.1 >>>>>> 5.0

    5.0 may be the single worst designed period of time in the history of WoW. How that shit went live is beyond my comprehension. "DURRR we didn't think people would feel dailies are mandatory, even though they're required to spend VP and earn extra loot from coin rolls."

    I personally didn't like 5.1. It was markedly better than 5.1, but the dailies were still annoying, the rewards took too long to unlock, and it just felt very grindy.

    The Isle of Thunder was fairly well-designed. I liked the focus on rares, but there were still a good number of dailies for people who enjoyed that kind of thing. Lesser Charms were finally available from drops, so dailies really were mostly optional. I think the faction reps could have been more rewarding.

    5.3 was great. You went ONCE A WEEK, for 30-45 mins per character, grinded out the weekly, then you were done. It was boring, but it was rewarding and quick. You could choose to knock out all your alts on Tuesday or the weekend, then have the rest of the week free to do whatever you wanted. I like the weekly quest model a LOT more than the daily quest model.

    Other than the insane lag for the first month, the Timeless Isle has been among the best solo content patches in the game's history. There's no dailies, just reps and currencies to grind at your own pace. You can do as much or as little as you want. That's what solo content should be.

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    I prefere more organised content than runing wild in isle of thunder. Voted Landfall because of story.
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    Timeless Isle by far. I personally feel it gradually got better since 5.0.

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    5.1=5.2=5.0 >>>>>>>>> 5.3=5.4

    Timeless Isle could be truly amazing if it had dailies and story tied to it. PvP-wise TI was the best addition since IoQ in BC. PvE-wise it sucks. Watching people mindlessly run around doing nothing than a mindless rare killing makes me sick, tbh. Like some hamsters in the wheel.
    Blizzard should stop trying to reinvent things they invented long ago.

    Still don't understand what was the HURR DURR big issue with 5.0 dailies being mandatory. The only one thing Blizz failed was stupid gating. I still think that any form of cap is beyond idiocy, be it valor cap, or daily cap, or conquest cap. People should have different rewards for different time investments they made.
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    I'll be the odd one out on this and say I didn't really mind any of them. I like quests and I've never done the 'mandatory' dailies unless I felt like it so the 5.0 dailies never really were a problem personally although the GL gating was annoying. The other rep dailies were fine and once the GL gating came down I've sampled a lot of the others many times and still do.

    Probably 5.2 > 5.1 > 5.3 > 5.0 > 5.4.
    5.0 would be a little higher except for the GL gating mentioned.

    The sandbox thing in Timeless Isle is interesting but I think my preference after going through the whole expansion is to really have a mix of things, both directed and undirected.

    I'd like more dungeons too but by this point if it's not clear that dungeons are not constrained by dailies but by raids then I don't know what to say. Blizzard has made that clear any number of times. If anything, less dailies would mean more scenarios which I suppose would be OK too. Anyway, as far as MoP goes it's foolish to think that less dailies = more dungeons.
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    I was so burnt out from 5.0 dailies that it ruined them for the whole expansion... therefore, Timeless Isle gets my vote. Escalation was good, but there was less to do than on the Isle.

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    Daily quests stopped being fun about 4 months after they showed up in BC. The fact that from that point on the devs decided that daily quests would become 75% of all the content released since is the reason IMO why WoW became stale. Daily quests are nothing but a chore you do every day and i never cared for the "well you aren't forced to do them" excuse, because if you don't do dailies there isn't much to do at all.

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    They were all good in their own way, and I hope for the next expansion they give us a bit of all different styles. Timeless isle was cool, but a bit more direction would be nice, the story around the 5.1 dailies was neat, 5.0 dailies were fine, but a bit too many. The 5.2 dailies worked out well, but got a bit repetitive (it started out varied, then near the end it was the same ones each day...) and the 5.3 was fine as well with the weekly event. Rare farming became undoable once the place wasn't so heavily populated anymore though...
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    patch 5.0 as the otheres where extremly shitty tuned for alts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrairieChicken View Post

    Can't agree more.

    Scrap dailies and give us dungeons instead.
    more dungeons = less raids. you can't lump in quests and dungeons as being the oposite ends of the scale. It is either more scenarios less quests or more dungeons less raids. Take your pick.

    OT 5.4 > 5.2 > 5.3 > 5.0 - 1

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    All of the dailies in this expansion suck, and they always will because people don't do them because they want to do them. They do just enough of them to get what they want for the week and dread going back the next.
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    I loved Landfall myself. The dailies weren't bad, but the storyline unlocked with the rep was magnificent. People were burned out on dailies when it came out, unfortunately. But it blew the other daily hubs away in awesomeness.

    I hope they will bring lore like that again, though it seems Blizzard is doing what it tends to do what, and has swept dailies under the rug after the wave of negative feedback, just after mastering them xD.

    While I agree Timeless Isle is fun, and stuff like it could be a nice change of pace between patches with quest hubs, I don't think the concept should replace quest hubs completely.

    I'd love to see them try to combine the lessons of Landfall, Timeless Isle and the Firelands phasing quest hub into one giant thing once. See if it would be as enjoyable as I feel it could be.

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    There is no such an option. None, cuz 4.3 has the best non-raiding content.
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