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  • Patch 5.0 - Various faction quests

    6 3.68%
  • Patch 5.1 - Landfall

    56 34.36%
  • Patch 5.2 - The Isle of Thunder

    42 25.77%
  • Patch 5.3 - Escalation

    5 3.07%
  • Patch 5.4 - The Timeless Isle

    54 33.13%
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    'Daily' questing patch - which one worked?

    So, in MoP Blizzard have pretty much given us completely different 'end game' daily stuff to do with each patch.

    Which, in your opinion, did you prefer and worked best?

    Patch 5.0 - Individual Rep quests (get Golden Lotus rep before starting on the others)
    Patch 5.1 - Landfall. Daily quests + ongoing scenerios at various 'rep' points to progress story
    Patch 5.2 - Isle of Thunder. Daily quests to unlock the Island with different quests unlocked as each area is available
    Patch 5.3 - Escalation. Barrens Weekly quests
    Patch 5.4 - The Timeless Isle. No specific quests but collect coins/kill rares/get tokens etc.

    So, what do you/did you prefer?

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    Landfall was by far the best, even if the Isle of Thunder was a good zone.
    A limited number of dailies that gradually unlock a story was a good solution imo. In the Isle of Thunder there were too many dailies for a single day and the last ones were always the same, also not enough story being unlocked. 5.0 had far too many dailies to be run. The Shado-pan story was good, but Golden Lotus was horrible for example.
    The Timeless Isle is beyond terrible.

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    Need option "none"
    All right, gentlemen, let's review. The year is 2018 - that's two-zero-one-eight, as in the 21st Century - and I am sorry to say the world has become a pussy-whipped, Brady Bunch version of itself, run by a bunch of robed sissies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wardley View Post
    So, in MoP Blizzard have pretty much given us completely different 'end game' daily stuff to do with each patch.

    Which, in your opinion, did you prefer and worked best?

    Patch 5.0 - Individual Rep quests (get Golden Lotus rep before starting on the others)
    Patch 5.1 - Landfall. Daily quests + ongoing scenerios at various 'rep' points to progress story
    Patch 5.2 - Isle of Thunder. Daily quests to unlock the Island with different quests unlocked as each area is available
    Patch 5.3 - Escalation. Barrens Weekly quests
    Patch 5.4 - The Timeless Isle. No specific quests but collect coins/kill rares/get tokens etc.

    So, what do you/did you prefer?
    5.2 > 5.0 > 5.1 > 5.3 > 5.4

    IoT felt vary nice. It was easy enough to get around. It was densely populated; enough so that there felt like there was enough danger of getting killed (for those under geared ofc) and enough going on that the quests were still easy enough to get done if there were a ton of ppl out there at any given time.

    5.0 Was my favorite in terms of story and personal participation. It felt like you needed to get enough of a reputation with the Pandaren before being able to get further into the rep grinds and before you could get some of the higer end gear. People try calling these "artificial gates" but I personally felt like this was the right route to go because it extended the content and gave us more to do for a long period of time.

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    5.2 because it had everything. A quest hub and for the grinding lovers the isle of giants
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    5.1 i didn't even bother, i still haven't. It's just a complete daily fest and worse then 5.0 in my opinion.

    5.2 in the other hand was smooth and fun =)
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    5.1 by far. The extra bits of lore were quite interesting, and I was quite disappointed when the following patches didn't follow in the same example. 5.3 was by far the worst one so far, and 5.4 isn't all that interesting. For all the complaining from people about how much daily quests sucks, I must say Timeless Isle doesn't feel much better. I had more fun in 5.1 and 5.2 than on Timeless.

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    Well they need to get away from their "all or nothing" approach to design that they've held for years. Why is there 5 easily differentiated approaches? They should be combined. Vary in emphasis a bit, but completely changing approaches each patch is just horrible.

    Everything in moderation is the key.

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    Timeless isle wins by far, you are not forced to do anything and yet there is quite a lot you can do if you want to.
    The barrens esqualation quests were fun, the weekly felt a bit meh.
    Isle of Thunder felt pretty forced with all the dailies and reputation grind for two factions (Sunreaver Onslaught and the Black Prince).
    The 5.0 dailies were too much at the start, as almost everyone did them at the same time, and then the 5.1 daily quests came.. no, just no.

    Timeless isle worked the best, they could have made it slightly better with a random fun weekly quest and perhaps an extra daily quest that only rewards Timeless coins.

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    No dailies can that be an option OP?

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    5.2 was prbly the more fun of all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I-NO View Post
    No dailies can that be an option OP?
    Timeless Isle and the Barrens?

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    5.0 >= 5.2 > 5.1 > 5.4 > 5.3

    I like dailies and I miss having multiple goals to work towards. I love the faction grinds. Hence 5.0 first.

    5.2 was almost better than 5.0 and I loved the Isle of Thunder. In fact as I type I'm more inclined to say they're tied now. As both daily grinds were something I sped home from work to complete each day.

    5.1 after that. I loved the little mini story line but was never in as much a rush to finish them because you can literally do the entire chain in one or two days now. Faction rewards should take more than a day to grind out. So 5.1, great story telling. Too few quests to do.

    5.4, this is an interesting idea and on a larger scale with a few more dailies tacked on, I can see this idea being something I enjoy in future. I love aspects of it, I just don't feel any obligation to log on. Which is good. I shouldn't be obligated... however part of me misses that obligation.

    5.3. What even happened during this patch? I think I went to the Barrens once. Flew around and killed things for about an hour. Turned in the 4 quests needed for the title and never went back. If more content was like the 5.3 Barrens dailies I think I'd lose interest quickly. There was no reason to participate in that patch at all.

    Now all they need is the diverse faction options of 5.0 mixed with the server driven unlock of the isle of thunder, sprinkled with the story telling of 5.1 baked in the 5.4 sandbox and voilà, delicious.
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    I'd go with IoT >>> Shieldwall > original MoP > Timeless >>>>> Barrens so 5.2 >>> 5.1 > 5.0 > 5.4 >>>>> 5.3

    I like Timeless, I do, but I just can't give it a decent rating with a forced vanilla type rep grind, bugger all daily quests, and a lot of the good ideas from IoT (solo scenario for coins, incantation, summoned group mobs, valor for rares) simply not carried over. I just have no reason to go there now except for the weekly boss kills/pet scenario, and if I want to cry over the stupidly low drop of mini pets or to kill trade for bloody coins (yay PvE server). It's a nice zone but without any dailies, and no repeatable use for coins it feels rather pointless. If it's only purpose was meant to be gearing up alts, and you're meant to just avoid it on your main, then sure I guess it works. Oh, and no valor upgrades in 5.4 is another thing against Timeless isle (should have at least been cloaks so they could remove them from the raid).

    Bugger all dailies also = no gold (so no gold for gbank repairs either), and the place just feels like a giant npcscan afk camp fest. I much much would rather have 5-15 dailies than be forced into farming thousands of mobs to reach exalted. Nothing really worth spending coins on either, so they're no incentive to go there - they could have at least added a trade mat/flask vendor or something.

    Barrens weekly was just a complete disaster IMO. Farming those supplies out on a badly geared alt that needed the gear upgrades without help was just... so much pain and so much boredom. Horrible.

    Shieldwall was ok but I found the theme and the dailies generally ugly, tedious and boring. Alli Vs Horde fighting and trashing a nice looking zone is just not my cup of tea. But daily quests, interesting little collection of items from commissions and a nice little story line to go along with it. The rares that give honor were also a nice addition.

    IoT had a decent theme at least, wasn't thrilled with the gating setup and it was a pig at entry gear level, but at least it wasn't as dull as Shieldwall. Love the idea of the solo scenario to get coins - it's a real shame Timeless Isle didn't bother to have a solo scenario to get Mogu Runes, and I do feel that was a rather bad oversight on their end. Weekly group quest, summon stones, chests, incantation, Saurok transformation - all nice additions that weren't really carried over to Timeless.

    The original dailies were horrible and burnout inducing. They probably should have gated them a bit more (gated as in you pick which to work on first, not gated behind getting a certain rep on another faction). The main terribad candidates being Golden Lotus/Shadopan, which had too many kill quests at entry gear level so they took forever. Tillers/Anglers were fine as they were quick, and varied on the tasks. Klaxxi was middle as still lots of kill quests but the buffs helped smooth out the time they took at entry level. Cloud serpents were miles out of the way so that made them horribly irritating on top of the annoying 'profession dailies. Lots to do but it was rather overwhelming.

    I'm hoping all the whinging about dailies in MoP doesn't mean that Timeless is the new standard, and we'll just get hubs with 1 daily/weekly and forced to grind mobs for rep from now on...
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    Honestly, I was so hyped up about Timeless Isle. It did serve it's purpose, but it hasn't kept me engaged beyond the first week. I mean, I did start a new job recently, but even so I'd still have made time for it if it was engaging enough. That's not to say it's bad, it's not. It's a lot of fun, but it's just not how I expected. The chests were fun and I'd have loved for them all to be on weekly respawn. However, without any real direction, I just don't think it's for me. I despise dailies as well, so I'm a pretty difficult person to please when it comes to WoW (and I absolutely would not want developers aiming at me when designing content).

    Isle of Thunder was pretty awesome. The only downside was being dismounted so often because of the mob density. The way the rares were designed was actually pretty spot on. The quests didn't interest me, but the rare hunting did. I even hunted them after I'd killed them all. Nalak was well placed and the entire island made me actually feel like the game had a community again. It's difficult to explain, but you could guarantee that other players would help out with tough mobs because it was mutually beneficial to each of you. The quests weren't bad, but again I dislike questing so I don't feel it's fair to comment (I think it's down to the fact that I don't have any set routine for how I spend my spare time, so I also don't like a set routine with written objectives -- since I played a tank for the first 4 years I was playing, I disliked killing because it was slow, that's stuck with me through to being DPS). The Warbringers and Scouts were actually a really fun objective for me as well. Even though it's killing, there was a very distinct challenge to the warbringers, and the scouts were great for rep farming. If there's 1 thing I want to see in future, it's something like the warscouts and warbringers.

    Landfall just annoyed me. That entire area was just awful. I don't know what was worse; the amount of flying or the amount of killing. The storyline quests for the patch were fantastic, I liked those, but everything else was pretty awful.

    Escalation was 'meh'. The rare mobs weren't soloable even if you wanted to unless you were a hunter or lock or had crazy gear and played very defensively. The collection quest, I only did that twice across 3 characters. I wouldn't say the patch was bad, but it wasn't good either, not on the content side of things.

    5.0 design was... I thought that was the start of something. I thought it was the start of bringing back that TBC-like challenge even to the world itself. However, the sheer number of quests just made it overwhelming. I needed to grind them out even only as an LFR raider, but the number of reps was overwhelming. Even now, there's still some reps that I haven't finished up on my main, though I did grind out Celestials on my tailor alt to pick up the bag recipe. I dunno, 5.0 had a lot, and the game kept me entertained, but I think it was an overload. However, it was the start of the expansion and I'd rather have too much to do than not enough so for the sake of argument, I'm going to say 5.0 was on the right track.

    So, for me, 5.2 > 5.0 >= 5.4 >>> 5.3 >>>>>>>>>>>> 5.1

    Bring in the rare design of 5.2, the amount of content of 5.0, and the events design of 5.4 and you've got a winner.

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    Landfall, 5.1

    It remains to date the most fun and engaging of the lot. There were a lot of dailies, sure. However the evolving lore overtime had me pushing through to get to those fun little stories like Jaina in Dalaran, Sneaking into Garrosh's camp and helping the Monkey King. It was brilliant and getting the updated gryphon model at the end of it was icing on the cake.

    I really hope they do it again.

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    Why it should be MoP patch? I would say Argent Tournament (3.2?) or TBC pre-IQD dailies (2.0/2.1). IQD was ok, but not for amount of people being on that small isle when it was current.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    Need option "none"

    Can't agree more.

    Scrap dailies and give us dungeons instead.

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    5.1>5.2>5.4>5.0>5.3 imo.

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    Gief Story progression quests from 5.1, the scale of the zone of 5.3, gief the adventure and lots of shit to do as 5.4, and ofc same kind of strength of the mobs there(somewhat stronger rares, or atleast slower to kill them). and somewhat more quests, story progression quests like 5.1, weekly or whatever. and if you need dailys, let them be like the one on timeless, you just get some extra shit by doing it, and not feeling "forced" to do them everyday just to get exalted fast as possible just because there aint no other way.

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