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    Murkalot Pet, Blue Posts, Blue Tweets, CC and DR List, Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaways

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    Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway - Thrall's Trial & Finkle's Fight

    Patch 5.4.1 - Murkalot
    Murkalot's Flail is the Blizzcon Reward pet added in Patch 5.4.1, and grants the Murkalot achievement. If you aren't going to Blizzcon, you can still get him by purchasing the Virtual Ticket.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Upcoming "The Crowd Chose You" Hotfix
    We're going to take another look at Necrotic Strike's healing absorb and whether or not we feel it should be affected by Dampening. We get that the absorb is the bulk of the ability's "damage", but there is still some concern that it would be too strong. We're also discussing double Rogue. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Cata dungeons and heroics were not difficult... I don't understand this idea that they were.
    For matchmade groups, some like Stonecore and Grim Batol were deadly. Very low success rates. That's data, not an opinion. (Source)
    It's funny. Early Cata heroics are why me and my whole guild came back. Catas launch raids and heroics were so much fun!
    There is a place for hard content for organized groups of friends. The Cata problem was that was the only content. (Source)

    World Firsts aren't accurate representations of avg. play experience; better to look at more breadth.
    In fact world firsts are specifically fights while severely undergeared, which nobody else will be. (Source)

    people who come out saying they are clearing raids too fast/easy. whats your thoughts on dbm helping push through faster?
    I'm sure it helps, but so do videos and strategy guides in general. Overall, we're happy with SoO balance at the moment. (Source)

    Game used to avoid caling "damage" role silly illetirate "DPS", but it crept in in Norushen DJ and Wrathion's challenge. How?
    It's tough. At some point you're using different terminology than most players actually use, so it gets awkward. (Source)
    I think about this problem a lot. (Source)

    Tank queue abuse is getting bad, can people queued with tanks who leave immediately be kicked automatically?
    That should happen today overall. If you don't abuse it often, the system is more forgiving. (Source)

    I know people are looking forward to character models, but I just wish night time was actually night
    The artists are aware of this feedback and want to try and address it in the future. Too dark is hard to play of course. (Source)

    Timeless Isle
    It's funny you say this. I am not participating in Shaohao rep grinding because the return for the effort invested is horrible
    It is intended to be optional. (Source)

    Crowd Control & Diminishing Returns
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    We've seen some confusion recently about exactly which crowd control effects share diminishing returns. To hopefully clear that up, we're providing the following, categorized lists of all of the CC effects in the game.

    For those who may be unaware of how the Diminishing Returns system works, here's a brief explanation: After you've been affected by a crowd control effect in PvP, there's a 15 second window for diminishing returns. The second effect of the same category (as listed below) that is used on you will only last for 50% of its normal duration, and the 15 second window will be restarted. Should you be affected by a third effect from the same category inside that window, it will only last for 25% of its initial duration. The 15 second window will once again be restarted, and you will be immune to any further effects of that category for the duration.

    The lists below have been separated out into their specific diminishing returns categories. Each ability shares diminishing returns with the other abilities it has been listed with, and no others.

    Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaways
    Our friends over at Hearthpwn finally have more beta keys to give away! Both contests end in a little over 24 hours, so be sure to enter soon if you want a chance to win.

    To enter the Twitter contest, follow Hearthpwn and retweet the beta key giveaway tweet. To enter the Facebook contest, like the Hearthpwn Facebook page and reply to this post giving Finkle Einhorn an idea of how he can escape The Beast.

    You have 24 hours to respond on Facebook or Twitter if you are selected for a key, so be sure to check your messages!

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    Can't wait for hearthstone

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    Pretty cool contest!

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    I'm glad i got my key right at the EU Beta start.
    Oh and i LOVE Murkalot, i guess i have to put the cinder kitten in my bag.

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    Had to lol at ~ 0:40 xD.

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    Stood in the Fire Arch0s's Avatar
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    Got my fingers crossed at snagging a beta key

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Texas, US
    No will play hearthstone even if they pay me for it! Hate this type of trading card games!

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    The Lightbringer Tarien's Avatar
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    What a massive list of CC, which basically means that you can be Stunned, Disarmed, Mesmerized, Feared, Horrored, Silenced, Cycloned and Charmed - and then there are those that don't have DR.

    No wonder PvP in WoW has gone to shit.

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    Apparently somewhere whipping Portuguese prisoners
    Sad how much CC has been implemented in this game...

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    Been getting into arenas again lately and the amount of CC these days is really insane. It's just not fun.

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    Had a Hearthstone key, kids deleted the email on accident (which also deleted it from the web server)... *sigh*

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    Hate all those nonsense "contests" for a beta key. Blizzard has really dropped the ball on treating beta like a marketing event instead of what's it meant to be - a testing facility. They should only give keys to those who signed up on the beta opt-in page.

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    That video has convinced me to buy a virtual ticket, what an awesome pet!

    Also, chain CC is not fun.

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    Yep, ridiculous amount of cc.

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    Currently Hearthstone feels like playing on a slot are not missing out on anything.

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    even if i dropped a bunch of $ on all existing pets to be a collector, i would still be screwed in the end. one of the few things that aggravates me about blizzard. there are pets that are impossible to get regardless of how much money you're willing to spend. same goes for mounts too.

    blizzard has lost a lot of potential money just from me and my friends because of it. we're of the opinion that it's pointless to spend $$ on a virutal item that's meant for collecting if it can't lead to you collecting them all.

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    silly illetirate "DPS",
    Good to see GC responding to the cream of the crop of tweets

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    Blizzard you basterds! Making one of the coolest (and one of the funniest & cutest) pets ever is forcing me to get a virtual ticket! Swine!

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    yea, not gonna try and get that beta key, since chain-social-site-promotion disgusts me

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