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    UH DPS DK Needs help

    Hello, let me break it down for ya.

    First off, I've been playing WoW since release (mage) and I've been a DK since the launch of Wrath. I love both frost and UH, but being that I was frost this entire expansion, I decided to roll UH for the finale and keep it interesting, the problem is. I feel like my DPS should be much much higher. I can keep about 185 to 210k DPS going on a patchwerk fight with my current set up, but I keep seeing other DKs doing close to 250k or 300k even, (granted the 300kers definitley have better gear)

    I was just wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong right now. Currently, raid buffed I have ~70k ATP, 34.29% crit, 67% mastery and I know the rotation like the back of my hand. I constantly keep my pet transformed and I pop CDs whenever they're up.

    Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...lirayne/simple

    As you can see, I'm gemmed pure crit and even some exp / crit gems which I could probably stand to lose about 3% expertise and still have no problems.

    But I need help here. Should I be doing more DPS? Should I just go back to frost? I feel like with my gear, my DPS should never be below 200k unless I'm running around like mad.

    Also: I am not in a raiding guild. I'm strictly able to access Flex Raid and LFR... but I'd much rather just have the Flex gear. Thank you for your time.

    Also also: LF Late night raiding guild. preferably starting raids after 10:30pm (22:30) CST.
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