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    Flex 2 pc or Ordos gear

    I only have access to Ordos and Flex raiding.

    I have Normal Gauntlets and Legs from Celestials. I will keep those instead of replacing them with Ordos gear since the 7 ilevel difference between 561 and 567 (after upgrades) doesn't seem worth giving up 2 pc bonus.

    My question is should I equip flex helm and shoulder or chest to complete the 4 pc bonus or should I stick to Ordos gear for those slots? While it would be really nice to have a full set equipped, I doubt that 548 ilevel gear can compete with 567 despite the 4 pc bonus.

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    4pc all the way

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    If you're Frost, go for the 4 set. If you are Unholy, all the Ordos gear you can get

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