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    Item squish, and new gear concept

    I was thinking, and one of those scary moments...

    Since main stats, like strenght and agility are now nearly worthless because damage dealed consedering the base damage of the weapon your character has equiped, what happened if they just removed base stats from gear keeping just stamina and the green ones, such has crit, mastery, etc...

    1 - How would you feel?
    2 - Would you aprove?

    I hope this doesn't happen, but consedering the minor role these stats have in MoP and the comming squish i think its a possibility .

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    Methinks you haven't played much if you think primary stats are "nearly worthless."

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    Quote Originally Posted by DestroDoc View Post
    Methinks you haven't played much if you think primary stats are "nearly worthless."
    I haven't being playing much, that is a fact, but have you noticed that only around 20 to 30% of spells scale with atack power? Its doesn't matter if you playing with a warrior, a rogue or even a Hunter, nearly 70 to 80% use a weapon damage multiplier instead of scaling with Atack Power (strenght, agility)... This is already in-game, its not an ilusion, you can check http://www.wowdb.com/spells/class-abilities and you will see its true.

    EDIT: you can check abilities class by class, its easier.
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