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    Paragon's Garrosh HC video - Jhazrun PoV (Solo healing)

    Thought I'd share. Devai showed it on his stream yesterday and then highlighted it. I know many people have been waiting for it!

    Here it is:

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    best healer in the game hands down. what a kill evasion FTW

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    Bah, it figures that his UI is completely unintelligible.

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    Jahzrun with his over complicated random amount of feather uses to gauge mana level lol.

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    the video is really laggy for me. anyone have a different link? youtube perhaps?

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    Trying to makes sense of his UI. Hurts my brain. But yea.. best healer I've ever seen.

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    Very impressive.
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    I finally started to understand the UI by the time the video ended. However, I didn't see much mouse movement at all, probably took out the mouse movement with the video saving. That and the only way to see which heal he was casting was to look at the output area. Freaking amazing raid awareness though.

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    I have a heart attack just watching that. Soooo many close calls. And that end... insane.
    Damned good job. I could not have done that, not in ten thousand tries.

    That UI will keep on confusing me though. But I guess that was the point.
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    i know the feathers represent his mana and when he casts the ponys tail grows and then shrinks back after the cast is complete

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    Really insane.
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    Easy shit /sarcasm.

    Tbh, it looks easy, but I'd like to have some bpm meter shown for Jhazrun. Seems like a pretty intense move to be the only healer for the expansion end boss

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    I mean who can perform that well, and still manage to incorporate my little pony on his screen!
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    That's one of World of Warcraft's strength right there: the customization options of the game.
    I would never have such an interface but obviously it works for Jhazrun big time in a way that I could never ever equal.
    Paragon really is in a class of its own.
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    hope the movie gets released soon, would be nice watching it without devahi talking random stuff -_-

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    Absolutely phenomenal. I couldn't do that by a mile, truly the best healer this game has ever had.

    As a Mistweaver, I'm really jealous!

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    Whats up with the warlock tank pets ._.

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    If the void lords are always in a state where they're being hit, their shields dps means they're the strongest pet. It's not by much, and requires the constant damage, but a 3~5% dps increase (On the pet) is always useful.

    Also probably used for handling adds during the temple/terrace sections?

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