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    3rd tank on Dark Shamans 10H viable for me?

    Hi all,

    Quick question to those of you who have done Dark Shaman 10H or have experience tanking in DPS gear.

    What will I require to be able to be the 3rd tank on this fight, I have access to the LMG and the cloak, but currently have neither. My tank gear is non existent as I vendored the limited gear I had prior to 5.4.

    Will a regem/reforge be enough? Is the tank cloak entirely necessary?

    I do have some more mastery heavy items that I could use as a base.

    I can't post links, but you should be able to find me on the EU armory.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The damage isn't all that high since you can build a fat blood shield before switches. If you can get around 200% mastery buffed you should be just fine. AMSing the last Froststorm Strike (fourth or fifth) eliminates the biggest spike.

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    In my guild we used a warrior with 520 Ilvl and a blue shield! for our first kill with 3 tanks, and it didn't seem like it was a problem. So I dont think you should worry too much about it tbh. The dmg you take is fairly low, if you switch at the proper times and play proplerly. And if you get yourself the LMG and cloak you should be more than fine. Good luck

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    I'm the third tank on this fight, you didn't seem to mention what you are tanking so i'll explain both.

    Tanking the caster boss does not require any specific type of gear as far as I know. I'll admit, i'm not the tank for that boss during my kills so it is fairly hard for me to judge how much melee damage goes out but Dks are fairly good tanking the caster because you are able to Dark Sim a great dps increase through the froststorm bolts. Glyphing is extremely effective. That being said, if I were to tank the caster, I would likely do it in mostly dps gear ( dw frost so it is still fairly durable with favoring mastery).

    My experience is with tanking the melee boss up the hill so all that follows will be from that point of view. Unfortunately it is also done in 544 ilvl tank gear so results my vary. You should send 2 tanks and 2 healers only to the melee boss in order to make the allocation of the dot predictable and safer to heal.

    While you are offtanking, you should prioritize maintaining a full bloodshield on yourself in order to take as little damage from melee swings as possible when it comes time for you to taunt. All cooldowns should be saved for magic damage bursts while tanking and I tend to use AMS nearly on cooldown with the 3rd or 4th froststorm strike that I take.

    Done properly with good blood shield management, you can take basically nothing from melee hits. Here is a log where, if WOL properly accounted for hits that were fully absorbed, I would be taking less physical damage than from falling ash. Using log browser, you can see that only 18 out of 163 melee hits were NOT fully absorbed. In addition, of these 18, 13 of them were due to the increased damage being delt by the bosses casting Bloodlust.


    Notice that I take less physical damage than our prot paladin in a 567 ilvl compared to my 544 because of proper blood shield management. Do this, and I am confident that you can kill it with mostly dps gear.
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    Thanks for all the input guys, i'm not sure exactly what role I'll be doing so your input was especially appreciated Nangz!

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    I tanked Earthbreaker Haromm in 143% mastery build unbuffed, using a str flask and str food in 25 man. The damage really isn't that bad, just manage your blood shield. Save a death strike for right after a froststorm strike happens so you can heal yourself back up from the damage. I used the old Shado-Pan on use mastery trinket (if you happen to have it or get it restored) + Vamp Blood for the 4th strike, AMS for the 5th strike. Build up a max blood shield when you aren't tanking. The strikes happen when your debuff has ~24 sec left on it, so you can use that info to time your abilities and it's a cake walk to tank it. I only used Icebound Fortitude when I had to re-position the boss up the hill the first time and when the bosses used lust. I'm sure you can fit it in more, but it seemed unnecessary. Sub 25%, make sure you have your ghoul + death pact ready to go, and icebound fortitude as needed. And don't forget to runetap liberally to heal up after a froststorm strike.

    Hope that helps, and good luck.

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    As the tank that usually takes wavebinder:
    The fight is more about positioning and movement than mitigation. The most important stat for surviving this is stamina (allows more failure), but you could probably tank it in full dps gear (minus galakras trinket, of course). It's mostly a skill check on whether you can pick up/kite adds while not stepping in a tornado and using AMS to mitigate the meteor.

    3-Tank Tip: when the geyser is on you, move about 5-7 yards from the boss in the opposite direction you plan to move the boss, then slowly move in a semicircle around the boss (rather than in a line away from the boss), such that you can spread your diseases from the boss to the oozes, and so that the oozes themselves stack as they attempt to get to you. You'll have to then run a bit from the boss, but the oozes will be much easier for your range to AoE down than if you had just run in a straight line (and you'll have better threat since you are able to hit all of them with each blood boil/D&D. However, you will stand a higher chance of getting hit by their auras, so until you have the hang of this style of movement, you might take some spikes from the oozes' aura.

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