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    Chinese site expansion leak - solutions to the puzzles

    Source: http://bbs.ngacn.cc/read.php?tid=6592378&rand=692

    11.8 update

    The key of patch 6.0 has two, one is G, another is D.


    11.7 update

    ilvl compression for X5 is due to the Big Event and Canon in X5.

    Possibly tying ilvl squish to us travelling back in time, everything would have been less powerful back in time? Gear, ilvl-wise at least!?

    11.6 update

    We may have one D, but G perhaps not one, maybe 5?

    Gul'Dan, Garad, Grom, Garona?

    11.5 update

    One of those Gs, MUST be Garad.

    11.4 update

    One of those Gs, MAY be "Garona".

    11.3 update

    One of the last known those Gs, MIGHT be "Garithos".

    11.2 update

    The Red Names becomes Yellow, Green Names drop gears. The end of time is what its starts, Medivh shows to give you Dailies.

    Red name = enemy, Yellow = neutral and Green = friendly. This should mean that someone who is an enemy now will become neutral and someone who is friendly will have to be killed. Hint to time travel and return of Medivh. best Guess, wrathion is evil and is so powerful somehow we need to involve Medivh in past to stop him?

    11.1 update

    DW returns, but which one?

    10.31 update

    A classic Maincity becomes Raid Dungeon.

    Undercity? - End of SoO has already indicated ally will be going after Sylvanas. Not to say ally will retake the city but there might be an attempt to storm it, which plays out as a dungeon?
    Or it could be SW, Blizz did recently ask for player thought on SW etc etc??

    "10.31" update

    Your known history, may not be "the original" one.
    The corrupted time dragon has managed to screw up history, which explains why the known history is no longer the original one? Hint to altered timeline and expansion based around time travel?

    '10.31' update

    Due to s/he is not exist in "the original" history. S/he killed him/her in that time, to do the right thing.

    Medan is killed off? (This is more out of hope than puzzle solving)

    10.30 update

    When the theory is in mess, Anduin Wrynn regrets his choice, while Wrathion faces his glory.

    10.29 update

    A Maincity-class Dungeon finally becomes a true Maincity.


    10.28 update

    The Dragon Soul's power is not vanished yet. Instead, they cannot touch that power, the power someone have long coveted.

    The someone is the corrupted time dragon or Wrathion or team of both? basically some evil person (surprise surprise) will get their hands on the dragon soul?

    10.27 update

    Eternal Dragons? The Dragon Era has already ended. Our story is about mortals that extraordinary and/or unwilling to be ordinary.

    10.26 update

    Illidan: None of my business!

    10.25 update

    Old Gods: None of my business!

    10.24 update

    Burning Legion: Why it's not as it says, my dear screenwriter?

    10.23 update

    Someone: この手に入れた力で、その間違いは絶対やらせねぇ!

    10.22 update

    Subject of this X is: Father and Son.

    Llane and Varian or Varian and Anduin?
    10.21 update

    Even there's no blood relationship, the fetters are more strongly than there have.

    10.20 update

    Even there have blood relationship, the incompatible destined a bad romance.

    Medivh and Garona ?

    10.19 update

    They, the young. What's their choice when they get a overwhelming power one day?

    Compared to the age of dragon aspects, isn't Wrathion relatively 'young'?

    10.18 update

    Among those fetters and bad romances, the world is shattering into pieces by "the young" suddenly get power.

    10.17 update

    Velen: Anybody here?

    10.16 update

    Turalyon and Alleria returns.

    10.15 update

    Hail To The King, Baby!!!

    10.14 update

    The forth G, is Gul'dan.

    10.13 update

    Someone: W Saurfang is in trouble? Oh, come on my little brother!


    10.13 update

    Known the ONLY D is 14417226136556E86F1372212034
    (Leak ---- this puzzle is calculated out and it is
    1 44 1 72 2 61 3 65 5 6E 8 6F 13 72 21 20 34
    D r a e n o r Space
    The useless number is just a Fibonacci Sequence.

    10.12 update

    The HIDDEN REAL D is at 97C100E9852494810E19852549799A10057D1019753C5410054C984B94B8494948A49E4999579D798

    10.8 update

    Everything has started. Let's wait and see.


    Nicked of poster Gramond's theories-

    -time travel expansion that retcons everything from warcraft 3 onwards
    -the big hero is deathwing who never goes mad teaming up with varians father
    -theme of the expansion is father and son
    -wrathion elated his dad is alive and a hero, but varian never had hardships and is a pussy bitch to anduins dismay
    -item squish is canonical, the timelines weakened us all
    -warcraft rts and wow now two divergent timelines from warcraft 2 so they are now free to make rts games without worrying about effecting wow
    -stormwind overrun by the horde from dreanor and is a raid
    -stratholme is the human capital, the scourge never made it through the plaguelands
    -garithos never met the blood elves, their numbers are lower, high elves much higher
    -murozond is actually working for an "eternal dragonflight" who fucked up the timeline so no cataclysm happened so the dragon soul still exists for them to use for their own means
    -no illidan or burning legion confirmed

    Come on MMO champion puzzle solvers, we will soon find out if our guesses and this leak are correct but it's fun to try solve the puzzle.
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    I got told from a friend of mine that quit Blizzard in July that the expansion would involve Time Travel, Garrosh wouldnt die, but somehow escape back in time, and we would end up in a pre Outlands Draenor. That would explain Medivh being back, Gnomeragon being a city again and not an instance. Not sure how they would tie the item squish into the time travel, but who knows. I posted a very brief explanation back on July 2nd, which was the day he finally quit Blizzard and I could post it without getting him in trouble.

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    What in the everliving fuck did I just attempt to read?
    <carried> US-Alliance

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    iLVL squish? YES! Finally no more u1982371977327852784687612637612537612t53758275987 tupid' numbasz!!!!

    Anyway, I hope that rumor is correct.
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    Just umm ..... this might sound rude but this was pretty hard to read through with a hangover.

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    Please use the existing thread on this topic:


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