View Poll Results: In which of these 3 Worlds of Warcraft would you like to fall?

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  • 1st pic: awesome atmosphere, stunning weather and wet effects

    157 65.69%
  • 2nd pic: majesty, breathtaking lights, cool depths of the environment

    45 18.83%
  • 3rd pic: extremely detailed objects and water, great lights

    37 15.48%
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    None, I actually have a lot of trouble playing games that have that level of detail as it makes it much harder for me to focus on information that is actually relevant to playing.
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    i like them all!

    but lighting and water does it for me, #3 gets my vote

    really hope they bring back weather effects & Day / night cycles

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    2, would really, really make me awe at the incredible size and detail of Azeroth.

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    One can hope that Titan will have insane graphics.

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    picture number one as it looks still stylized and cartoony without going too realistic

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    it would be cool for sure. eye candy is always good. but honestly it doesnt bother me either way. when playing a game graphics are the last thing im worried about.

    i cant deny that those look gorgeous though. i think i remember seeing them a couple years ago. i had forgotten about them. i especially love the lakeshire one.
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    I get the feeling pic 1 and pic 2 should be combined. The graphics both accentuate the areas as they should be. Tirisfal's eerie pine woods after a rainy night and a warm Durotar with the occasional breeze lifing the dust and sand up in the air.

    Picture 3 looks really nice, but a tad too realistic for my taste, like it's trying a tad too hard to be a SweetFX pimped Skyrim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemposs View Post
    I play Rift, already got those graphics

    OT: Yes would be awesome especially #1, love dark and grim graphics.
    Rift doesn't even look good it doesn't age well, but its all subjective in the end.

    But I picked Option 3, It would be amazing to play a game in that much detail.

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    2nd and 3rd is too different of an art style for my taste looks like too much like gw2 and that is a turn off for me. 1st one looks good.

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    Why is there no option for "none". I like the graphics as they are and don't want them to change a bit.

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    1st because I love Undercity and Brill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geminiwolf View Post
    All of them are really good. I especially like the first 2 pictures. Would be really cool if someday Blizzard just does a huge graphic update that makes the game look like those pictures. Also with the updated character models this would be the most b-e-a-utiful MMO out there.
    Indeed. If Blizzard wants WoW to survive for a good while we need the new models and these amazing environments (not #3, too HQ). Or they could just do it in their new MMO.
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    Don't like 3, but both 1 and 2 would be amazing. I would prefer 1, though. That sort of atmosphere would make the immersion factor shoot through the roof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemposs View Post
    I play Rift, already got those graphics

    OT: Yes would be awesome especially #1, love dark and grim graphics.
    Rift has horrible graphics...yes even on ultra lol

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    Can´t really vote on 1 2 and 3 as I would like em all would make wow so much better but would need a computer way out of my price range :S to run the game.

    But more zonez for each place would be better 10 zonez for Orgrimmer 1 normal 2 night 3 Fire 4 Heavy Rain 5 Snow "Winter" etc. a landscape that follows the seasons and events that is like Orgrimmer has been attack by the alliance and is now on fire.!. 6th Rebuild zone etc.. :P

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    We have to choose 1? :-o
    They are all stunning!

    Are they available as posters? I would definitely put them up on my wall.
    Originally Posted by Vaneras
    Soon™ ;-)

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    why not all?! /memeend

    but if I had to choose...
    (1) I just love that style

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    Alternatively for raiding i'd play with the "everything is a box" graphic with the simplest animations / spell effects possible.

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    would play. but my computer is powered by coked up gerbils id have to change the formula to get them up to speed.
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    Wow tough choices there mate. I think im going to go against the grain and say picture 3 is for me.

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