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    Gearing doubt

    So, my guild is being pretty unlucky with vanquisher token drops, but i got 2 decent pieces, darkfang helm (shaman's) and norushen hc gloves. I was wondering, is it worth taking over the 2pT15?
    I need some help to decide, please be my beacon of hope in these dark, tokenless days!

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    The 1000 Crit/Mastery is nice. My suggestion would be to sim both pieces of gear and see which comes out better.

    I would also take into account real world logic in terms of the % uptime of Natures Grace that you'll have vs the simmed version. I know some fights I can keep 100% uptime (RNG included as well) and others where I don't scumbag ~50-70%.

    Go from there and based on your own logs/sims you should be able to get a good idea of which pieces you should wear. Unfortunately, we only have only a very small portion of the information we need to really make a "OPTION A!!!" response.


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    Thats my latest log (and pretty horrible one, but it's what i have).

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    Roughly 80-85% uptime of Natures grace on malk/thok/blackfuse, i'd do the sims in both sets of gear (2pc vs offsets) and (I assume they do 100% uptime of Natures grace) account for the lower uptime of the 1000 crit/mastery.

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    Excuse my ignorance, but how can you change sets on simcraft? Rawr for openoffice (at least my version) doesn't let you do anything at all

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    I use the standalone version of Simcraft, to do 2 different sets, log off in one, update from armory and then sim it. 2nd set of gear, log off, update from armory and sim it. Viola = )

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