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    Pokemon 6th gen FC codes.

    Here's the Official 6th Generation FC Sharing Pokemon thread.

    Please read through this & find the lastest update at the end of the post:

    In 6th gen there's a safari type of thing, where the more friends you have, the more pokemon with hidden abilities you can catch, or pokemon that are normally unavailable through other means. Every boy and girl or man and woman have a unique ID known as the FC code through which they are granted a typing and 2 (or 3 if the Elite Four is beaten) pokemon that are allowed to be found in the abovementioned safari zone. Thus, the more people you have on your 3DS, the more the benefit. Everyone NEEDS to add everyone, so pokemon can be found and traded over. We are a very friendly community.

    It's kindly requested to only post your FC and if known (NOT necessarily) the safari zone/type and pokemon you offer. The interested person is asked to only PM instead of responding to the thread in order for us to have a list of FCs for people to easily add, and NOT a thread of "I added you, PM me back". That's what PMs are all about!

    Tips & Rules:
    Do NOT double post. In this thread double posting counts as having more posts than your FC post. Edit your post if you will, but that's all. Be reminded that the 3DS can only register up to a maximum of a hundrend (100) friends. Now that the spreadsheet is up, be sure to consult it first before starting adding anyone.

    Follow the rules and keep adding FCs. Do NOT double-post.

    Due to the increasing number of posts and pages, it would be considered wise to add people from the latest pages. Game's extremely new still. Be sure to use the spreadsheet provided below to track people who have mentioned what pokemon they offer through their safari.

    Extremely important note: -Ethos- has created a spreadsheet with most people and their safari type. If you need a specific pokemon, find it in that spreadsheet, along with the trainer's safari and FC. Link follows immediately after:

    List of Safaris.

    Finally, I'd like to note that I did not participate in the making of this spreadsheet at all, and any and all credit and requests regarding it should be exclusively directed to its maker " -Ethos- " (without the quotation marks and the spaces left between them and the other symbols).

    Have fun, and remember to catc'em all!


    Start adding new FCs from page 69 and onwards. People that have posted in the 1st 5 pages are requested to update their already existing posts with their ORAS FCs, instead of making a new post about it. Thanks all.
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    Mine is in sig, Rock Safari, Nosepass, Macargo

    a standard that we should have is that you add first then PM the person you added so they can add you back for immediate and not wait on you to respond back, i believe the FC limit is 100 so its quite a bit,
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    Safari: Grass

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    I have two FCs.

    [B]My FC: [/B]5112-3501-2407

    [B]Boyfriend's FC:[/B] 0130-1886-8614

    We're both full right now! Please do not add us until this message disappears~

    My safari: Flying
    Boyfriend's Safari: Unknown

    If you add me, don't PM me. I periodically check the thread to add every single new post. If you don't add me back within 2 days or so, I'll just kick your card out. :P
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    Pokemon FC: 5112-3501-2407 Trainer: Oli FS: Viscoe - Farfetch'd/Hoothoot/Rufflet - Currently Full, DO NOT ADD
    Secondary 3DS: 3668-8923-2263 FS: Slider - Phanpy/Camerupt/Diggersby
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    *removed FC because my list is full*

    From what I've been told I have a Normal safari.
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    There are a lot of friend codes...

    ...but this one's mine.

    My Safari is apparently Grass. ;_;

    I'll add everyone who posts in this thread.

    Okay my list is full, terribly sorry for all who added me but I didn't add back!
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    FC 2793-2016-8218 - Name: Suoma

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    FC is 2208-5660-1089

    (if someone could let me know my type, just pm, I'll edit it in here thanks)
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    My friend code: 2680 9742 3951. Dunno what safari I have.

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    My friend code - 5300 - 9390 - 8361

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    The Netherlands
    My friend code: 3539-9745-0277
    My gf's friend code: 1435-4758-2030

    I will be adding everyone who posts in this thread, so add these two!
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    Mine is 1204-0239-2278

    Adding everyone that posted so far.

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    Hello everyone my friend code is 5155-2898-2868 (let me know that you added me including FC)

    Looking forward to meet you all

    (I will add everyone i see here, so add me for more pokemon safari adventure!)
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    4699-6016-0702, think my safari was fighting.

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    0576-4615-1114, my safari is ice with dewgong, snorunt, and beartic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fierza View Post
    4699-6016-0702, think my safari was fighting.
    Just saying, Im adding everyone that put up their FC here, so just add me and it will be sorted. Cant PM yet, but can recieve em.

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    here; 2380 3556 0431

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    Mine is: 2079 - 6922 - 2200
    No idea what my safari is, unfortunately. I have yet to finish the game.

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    FC: 3668-7617-0478

    Will be at work for the next few hours so if you add me recently toss me a PM with your FC so I don't miss it.

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    Here's my FC: 2895-6749-0911

    Yet to find what type and pokemon my FC hands out

    PM if anyone adds me, and i'll add back.

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    Add me my FC is in my signature. My safari is Ghost type.

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