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    Quote Originally Posted by Shedi View Post
    My friend code: 3539-9745-0277
    My gf's friend code: 1435-4758-2030

    Please add both and PM me yours!
    Added everyone that posted so far. Could everyone who hasn't done so please add my FC's? Still need to be added by: Viscoe (x2), Oerba Yun Fang, Lagmonster, Rafe, Eridius, Shar, Aratreis (x2), Tahuun, Zenorith, Zorua, DarkFerret, Spa, Volitar, h3lladvocate and Pious Lemon. Thanks!

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    I've added everyone up to this post. My boyfriend hasn't, but he'll get around to it. (He's been slaving over getting a level 19 female +spatk eevee...)
    Pokemon FC: 5112-3501-2407 Trainer: Oli FS: Viscoe - Farfetch'd/Hoothoot/Rufflet - Currently Full, DO NOT ADD
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    Added everyone so far. Would love it if you all added me back!

    3DS FC: 0877-1538-7893
    PM if you add me!

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    here's mine


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    in my sig.

    Slaying 8bit dragons with 6 pixel long swords since 1987.
    [Pokemon Y Friend Code: 1521-3726-7197]

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    Mine is 4639-9374-3693. No idea how to check what type my farm is :/

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    Mine is 1993-7397-9056 I've added everyone here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Winstonwolfe View Post
    In other words, he's worried about how sharp your bayonet is when you are firing RPG's.

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    I literally added everyone who posted on this thread.
    Would be nice to add me back guys, my 3DS Friend Code is 3368-0867-2965.

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    Friend code!! 0662-3787-4304

    I will try to add most people. I love battling

    Edit: Added almost everyone in the thread. Add me back please! If i missed you PM me!!
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    Wow <3 Korra<3 Giants<3

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    All right, I THINK I added everyone who has posted in here so far.

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    My FC: 3411-1412-4259
    PM if you add me, please

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    I won't be home (nor playing ) for the next 48 hours, but will add you guys once I can! Also if someone could PM me my safari that'd be great.

    My FC once more: 2079 - 6922 - 2200

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    my friend code: 4983-4914-1956, going to add everyone who posted before me

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    The reason I've got no friends on my pokemon is because I put my old DS friend code in my sig not the one I'm currently using! I've updated it now I think, but to avoid confusion my friend code details

    DS Name: Kuniku
    Pokemon Name: Kuniku
    DS Friend Code: 0791-2016-0507

    I shall PM the code to the people that PM'd me to begin with as well.
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    3DS Friend Code

    Quote Originally Posted by rafe View Post
    added everyone that gave his/her friendcode in here, i cant pm because i dont have enough posts.

    fc: 5155-2898-2868

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    Bookmarking this for when i get home and get my friend code!
    Trylb / Galesin
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    My friend code is 3007 - 9306 - 4863

    Won`t be able to add people instantly before I`m home so pm me your FC.

    From what I`ve head I`m steel type.
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    Going to add everyone here but it will take some time to write all the FCs.

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