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    You're burned out, take a break. Everything gets old eventually. Girlfriends, jobs, life etc.

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    Since the introduction of LFR I have stopped doing PvE completely to progress my character.

    There's no excitment anywhere about raids nor dungeons.

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    I took a 1.5 year break. MoP is completely new to me, and I like it quite a bit actually.
    Take a break man! Seriously, best thing you can do.

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    I have stopped caring about raiding (mainly due to time) since cata. I just go back and clear the last xpac content in the new next one. I have far far more fun doing this on my own time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    Stop playing, problem solved. That's what I do. :P
    You see, if players went by that logic, these threads wouldn't come up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrStiglit View Post
    Anytime I am not actively raiding; I don't care..

    I have no reason to care about getting my cloak, I have had no reason to grind out rep, I have had no reason to do much of anything because I always did it to make me a better raider. This is the first xpac I haven't actively raided as well.. So it's been a pretty boring one that idc that much about..
    I have to agree with this. The one thing that WoW does best - better than any MMO I've ever seen - is raid boss fights. They are the highest level of PvE in the game, and they are just damn fun.

    For PvE players, it's really hard to continue to play without it, because everything else - everything - is just a massive grind. Leveling pets, going for all sorts of grindy achievements, professions (ugh arch), auction house, mount collecting, they are all reminiscent of the Asian-style RPG of simply grinding and grinding and grinding for thousands of hours. And I can't speak for everyone else, but I don't find that stuff fun. A little bit, maybe, but only to get it over with.

    Not raiding = not motivated. This is why Wrath was so great, there was legit raiding for almost everyone out there, and why flex is such a good thing right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfootbigd View Post
    I stopped caring to do regular/heroic raids or even setting up raid schedules becuse of LFR thats what i meant
    This. Why do normal or HC raid when you can experience it within 1 day on an easier difficulty?
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seefer View Post
    I have tried to care these past 2 tiers but I find myself logging in for maybe 10-20 mins a day, I just don't feel as thrilled if I raid, it's like "Oh I am not raiding this week? Oh well." I just find myself being really bored. It very well could be burn out but I also find I also dislike a lot of the things in the game (i.e button bloat and class homogenization).

    So........anyone else just not really give a crap about this expansion/tier/whatever?
    Imo, get a guild. You'll have some raids to do then.

    This. Why do normal or HC raid when you can experience it within 1 day on an easier difficulty?
    Players like games for the diffuclty and the (fun) gameplay they offer not just to see the end of a content.
    Otherwise, games like Dark Soul wouldn't sell.

    I guess that many prefer to do LFR and Flex because they've fun to equip all their alts and not just their main.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henkdejager View Post
    This. Why do normal or HC raid when you can experience it within 1 day on an easier difficulty?
    a 10m normal clearrun is a thousand times faster than 2 wings of lfr

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    I'm enjoying the current raid, but i honestly don't care about the enemy. Arthas, Deathwing, illidan. These were imposing characters. We got to know garrosh from a depressed dude in nagrand to now and its just a story of daddy issues and the pride before a fall. But without any of the theatricality of any of the other guys. Its just a moustache twirling boss that wants to rule the world but without the charm and appeal of the others. Thats just an old and busted trope i dont care about anymore.

    Personally the stuff about the bronze flight in the weekly is far more interesting than garroshes ill faited attempted to turn his one race against every other single one on the planet -which he totally thinks is good odds...

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    "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
    I didn't care, I was about to quit.
    Nothing made me more excited for WoW than cancelling my subscription.

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    Yes, but not for the reason you think. I tend to stop caring when it feels that progression is stagnating, because it's one of those situations where the longer I go without getting progression, the more I feel I'm falling behind and won't be able to get progression, so eventually I stop caring entirely, log only for raids and don't care when the guild struggles on normal mode fights because the expansion is pretty much over for me, time to hopefully try again next xpac for something better when lack of progress in a tier out for a month or more isn't going to hurt me.
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    Not long into Dragon Soul I was:
    - sick and tired of the game
    - annoyed with the content
    - burnt out of my lifestyle of fulltime work + hardcore raiding + commute and struggling to keep up

    I quit (it was about 4-5 weeks into DS and I was one day from killing spine hc) until the release of MoP, maybe logged in 2 or 3 times to say hi to the guys for a bit then log off.

    When I came back for MoP, I felt refreshed, started up a brand new monk, took my time and levelled it to 90 over the course of a month, started trade pugging normal and found myself a great fledgling guild who I ended up going 13/13H ToT with after a slow T14, and we're hitting T16 hard, but only raiding 2 nights a week 7 hours total.

    I haven't had this much fun playing in a very long time, I love the content, I love our pace and I love our people.

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    I take 2-3 breaks a year. Sometimes for a week or 2, sometimes for 6-7 months. Real life > Digital life. At the end of the day, this is just a game. Can't play video games your whole life.
    Quote Originally Posted by THE Bigzoman View Post
    Meant Wetback. That's what the guy from Home Depot called it anyway.
    If you say pls because it is shorter than please,
    I'll say no because it is shorter than yes.

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    Nope, still having fun here.
    Thank you, gentlemen. Someday I will repay you, unless of course I can't find you, or if I forget.

    An allusion! What are you implying?

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    I usually jsut log on to raid and then log out also

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