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    When and Why did you quit WoW?

    So, about two weeks ago, I decided to quit, about a month earlier I got kicked from my raiding guild for some kind of incapability. I posted a thread about that too, after that I went back onto my druid to PvP again, I got bored extremely fast, I've pretty much played every class there is, for some reason I just can't find a good reason to play anymore, (this is not a rant). I just feel like it's gotten too repetitive for me.

    It's about to be my last year of high school, this shit's about to get tough, Australian high schools final year practically predicts your life.
    I'm going to focus on school and getting fit.

    There's a new game coming out real soon, it's called The Elder Scrolls Online, might get that, I've only ever played one MMO, that's WoW.
    So I wanted to know...
    If you quit WoW, when was it, why did you do it? And what are you doing now that you've quit the game, I mean you've obviously got a LOT of time on your hands now.

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    One does not simply quit WoW. I've done it twice, but here I am still.

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    I just haven't had the will to renew my subscription after a while.

    Hell not even a free 7 days of game time got me to come back...

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    I played actively from Classic to the end of Cataclysm. Took a break at the end of Cataclysm for multiple reasons. I was burned out on the game in general, and the long stretch of DS combined with the fact that we played on a dead server wasn't helping. Final nail in the coffin was a decision by my guild to server transfer to a more populated server, which a few of our core raiders weren't willing to do. Guildies who transferred managed to hang on at their other server for a couple more months before they gave up. So my guild of 6+ years finally broke up.

    I bought MoP shortly after I quit but never activated my subscription. Only bought it because I found it on one of those "Black Friday" sales or whatever for like $10 with free shipping, so I figured for that it'd be worth buying and shelving on the off chance I might reactivate my account one day.

    I reactivated in MoP for 2 months just to level my warrior to 90. I let my account die again back in about June of this year and haven't been back since. I've had half a mind to reactivate for a month just to dick around, PvP, and maybe see Siege of Orgrimmar.
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    Close to a year ago, simply because I stopped having fun. Never understood the term burnout on WoW.

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    Currently subbed but I quit from October of last year until around April or therabouts, mostly due to the ramp-up in difficulty of T14 compared to T13; MSV crushed my old guild and people stopped logging in, stopped caring, etc. so I went to play Rift then. Resubbed in April after issues with my guild in Rift (being kicked for saying I would post some links to guides to help us improve)
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    When and Why did you quit WoW?
    When they anounced the in-game cash shop containing pay-to-win items.
    The XP-elixir for example.

    The microtransactions have their place in a free to play game .
    But in a subscription game no way .

    Is unfair to ask us to buy the game, buy each expansion , pay monthly fee and on top of this trying to milk us more money . Basically they develop content using our already payed money, and they try to seel it again to us. Well I just voted with my wallet that I didn't agree with this .

    The vote with the wallet is always right .
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    i played from vanilla up until mid way thru Cata. the game just wasnt fun for me and our guild anymore and thus our characters have been gathering dust since =(

    its a shame really since i really like the warcraft story, the first warcraft rts was really the first computer game i played with any seriousness and each game thereafter just kept getting better and better. ive been watching and following MoP with quite a bit of interest as it seems like the lore is done pretty well.

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    I just recently quit because I'm really tired of the crap that Blizzard pulls. The main reason is the legendary cloaks. I have had to take several breaks this expansion due to real life stuff and having to cut my play time. Combine that with extremely bad RNG and I was so far behind on the cloak quest-line it would take me about 2-3 more months to get it while everyone else in my guild already had it.

    Frankly, I was tired of being punished for not dedicating 100% of my time to a video game.
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    People complicate this topic too much I feel.

    Having fun still? Then play
    Not having fun? Don't play

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    Haven't quit yet and don't plan to in the foreseeable future.

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    I've quit many times over the last 2 years. In part because classes have all become so homoginized I simply cannot find any that I enjoy. If I hate one melee class, I hate them all because they all have the exact same gameplay.

    And also the fact Cata was too Heroic-oriented and MoP (pre-5.4) is too daily-oriented.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrllish View Post
    People complicate this topic too much I feel.

    Having fun still? Then play
    Not having fun? Don't play
    I feel topics like this are a good thing. It's good to know WHY people are leaving so that developers can improve on the things that made people leave.

    Too bad Blizzard doesn't let you post on their forums with an unsubscribed account...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilbon View Post
    One does not simply quit WoW. I've done it twice, but here I am still.
    One doesn't. 5 million and counting do however.
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    My subscription is still good through December, but I'm barely playing. At most I log in for LFR on Saturday night and maybe another night to poke at the legendary quest with more LFR, but that's been.....once.

    WoW lost me around 5.3 when the build up to Siege of Orgrimmar was focused solely on how the Horde were preparing to take back their city and the Alliance was nonexistent, but that was just the last straw. What really lost me was LFR as a poor excuse for raiding and other friends having quit due to simply losing interest in the game or real life circumstances not allowing them the time to play. Without a good group to enjoy the game with, the game is too anonymous and impersonal with no sense of community whatsoever, so I lost interest. Sadly, I truly believe there's no way to fix WoW after it went down the complete easy mode all things fully accessible path. LFD and LFR crippled WoW by helping WoW. Damn those double edged swords.

    I'll play console if I want a single player game to kick back on the couch and zone out with.

    Then, Final Fantasy XIV was reborn and it's got a bit of a WoW Classic/Burning Crusade feel to me, so I've been playing that with a friend who jumped over and have been joined by more friends (one who swore off WoW and MMOs completely during Wrath). I'm still looking forward to EverQuest Next since they're actually attempting some real leap forward innovations with the genre, but Blizzcon has the opportunity to keep me interested enough to resub for another expansion. I would like to make it through 10 years of WoW before I decide to move on or not.
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    I sold my account for 1.5k € because it got extremely boring. I had literally everything I ever wanted and the time I spent ingame was 90% idleing.

    Started a new account tho, to start over again. Completely from scratch. It's way better now than it was before
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    End of cata, all I did was pvp but most of my pals had quit/migrated by then (pvp pals had quit and guild that got me pve items migrated). I was only logging on to monkey around just kinda gave it up. I'll still look back with my rose tinted goggles at vanilla as my favorite time, not for gameplay but for the character (and characters) who were on my server. Good shit.

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    I must've 'quit' about 4 times now. But everytime I return it's in a less engaged state than before.

    First time I played was about 4-5 years straight in a row since beta, world top raidguild. Then I quit during TotC in WotLK.

    When I came back I joined a 'hardcore' 25m raidguild during patch 4.3 that cleared most of everything on heroic mode long before the next expansion, but their raidhours and required attendance was much lower than the first 4 years I raided. Then I got bored and quit again.

    I came back at launch of MoP, was one of the realm's first L90s, joined a casual guild. Got bored before clearing the first tier of raiddungeons.

    Came back near the end of 5.3 and am just an LFR-hero now, can't be arsed to join a raidshedule of even a casual guild. I play very casual in this time, sometimes I don't touch the game for months in a row, sometimes I do 1 LFR a week and that's it. I got a feeling that WoW won't be able to get me interested in it again or offer as much enjoyment as it once did back almost 10 years ago.

    Just lost interest.
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    I quit back in July. I used to raid with my guild now and again through previous expansions but the increase in difficulty in MoP was too much and I had to call it a day.

    I leveled eight characters to 90 and finally got bored with running them all through LFR every week. The decision to switch to scenarios for small group content also disappointed me greatly. A large portion of the other content that they introduced at the start of MoP held little interest for me, such as pet battles, challenge modes, Brawlers guild and the like. I gave all my gold away (at least half a million) and vowed to never return.

    Since then I have been struggling to find things to do. I have an easy life, low stress job, no kids and therefore have quite a bit of spare time. Just over a month ago I decided to give Rift a try as it now F2P. It reminds me of how WoW used to be back when I started playing at the beginning of TBC. Leveling is more of a grind and I have frequently died whilst out questing. I can't comment on how the endgame is because I am not there yet. There are many QoL things that Rift does that I think could benefit WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelkath View Post
    I feel topics like this are a good thing. It's good to know WHY people are leaving so that developers can improve on the things that made people leave.

    Too bad Blizzard doesn't let you post on their forums with an unsubscribed account...
    You have to answer several questions when you quit. You can even fill in your own Nerdragequit there.

    That said, I quit after they announced Pandaren on their last Blizzcon and still hadn't new character models on the horizon (which they still don't have).
    It was just a couple of weeks before they finally released transmogrification, and I had collected a shitton of gear. But I just couldn't take the Panda X-pac...
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