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    I was a victim of cyber bullying in an earlier life, not that I care much if people try to be smart these days but back then it had a large impact on me, I quit roughly during mid 3.3 after having been around since 1.4, missed the entirety of the cata pre-event and rejoined roughly 2 months into cataclysm, found the game boring after 1 month even if most of the people I had disliking to had gone, and left again until 5.2's ending just as 5.3 was about to launch.

    I confess, if I leave WoW again I don't think I will return, it will mostly be out of a culmination of things, but most of all, long term decay, my last break was nearly 3 years long, the next one is likely permanent.

    Fortunately, most of the people I know now are good folks and ironically while the toxic elitism of WOTLK passed on the community attitude while seemingly more isolated has over-all improved. So on a bullying side, I don't have any issue with WoW's community these days.

    The game itself though? Its slowly decaying, as is my interest in it, I dunno, ill stick it out till next expansion and if that doesn't hold me I think I'm done.

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    I quit half way through Dragon soul. Various reasons:
    -Guild which I was Officer of fell apart
    -Bored with the game
    -Not happy with the announced expansion(not going to say anymore)
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    I quit about 6 months into Dragon Soul. It had been building for some time, I was growing dissatisfied with the game in many ways - the long time between patches, 25m raiding was about dead and I started running with a 10m group which I didn't care for as much, the gear treadmill, the brainless leveling, the spreadsheet quality of raids, and the RNG factor on power items. I didn't like that I could be good one season and suck the next purely based on RNG.

    The night I quit though was after running Dragon Soul on both heroic and LFR difficulty for 6 months shooting for the low drop rate caster trinket that I needed to get on a decent RBG team. It finally dropped, a feral druid won the roll and went TROLOLOLOL before he sharded it in front of everyone. I quietly logged out after the raid and unsubbed. Will never go back.

    Playing GW2 now and very happy with the game, it's systems and the community.
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    I've left plenty of times with no intention of starting again but something has always dragged me back to try it and see how it is.
    Stopped raiding shortly after beating Sartharion +3 drakes way before the release of Ulduar and after that I've stopped and then come back several times but mainly doing more casual play like 5mans and LFR's, after being back for something like 2 weeks now I can say that for me WoW right now is the best it's been in several years.

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    I just had to do it, the game was taking over my life, and even though I would love to kill that god damn Garrosh I decided to put away my bow. Me and my girlfriend recently moved together and I realized it's time to grown up a little and not spend 5 nights a week killing imaginary dragons. And because I'm overly competitive I couldn't just "play" the game anymore. I always played core style, and now the idea that I could become a "casual" gamer is just too painful. I can't simply move to LFR or Flex knowing that my friends have a lot more fun doing heroics. Jealousy is hell of a bitch.

    But... I will keep my subscription up, I will probably log in from time to time to check out new content and I will continue to read about the WoW, both here and on reddit. Maybe one day I will return in glory. Like I did already twice.

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    I quit raiding after tier 14 (MSV, HOF, and TOES) because i could no handle the 5 day schedule that my raiding guild had, but I still play off and on. I hope to come back soon (probably next expansion) because heroic raiding is my passion in WoW, but I have priorities now (house, job, and bills) so I have to tone it down.

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    i've quit a number of times, and every time its not been the game that X change has caused me to rage quit and/or lose interest, because at its core its still the game i love. its always been something outside of wow that has taken my fancy (real life/different game/whatever) and become more of a priority than wow, variety is the spice of life and all that.

    sure, having frequent updates helps keep me interested, but going through the same old motions over and over, just this time in a different location ect will still inevitably lead to burn out and me putting the game down. at least for a while.

    speaking only for myself ofc.

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    End of Dragon Soul - finishing commitment to my guild for loyalty's sake.

    The talented design of the early encounters in Cataclysm followed by the nerfs and decreasing difficulties to appeal to the less invested players convinced me that much of the criticism aimed at Blizzard is unrealistic in some way or another. Clearly there is a mastery of their own game; implementing features has always been the hard part.

    I only wish that their design philosophy in trying to streamline WoW (probably during actual development of Cataclysm) hadn't crept over into Diablo 3. Can't blame them for where they're at in WoW itself.
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    what if SEARING WOLVES? The possibilities?!!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texxi View Post
    I sold my account for 1.5k € because it got extremely boring. I had literally everything I ever wanted and the time I spent ingame was 90% idleing.

    Started a new account tho, to start over again. Completely from scratch. It's way better now than it was before
    Completely agree with this comment. Got bored so deleted my old account and didnt play anything for 8 months plus. Recently resubbed and am leveling fresh no heirlooms just recruit a friend. Having way more fun at the moment than i ever did before.

    After having played swtor, rift, gw2 tera and any other mmo that launched over last year and half it really does put into perspective how good wow is once you come back from those games.

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    First time was in DS. We did manage to get 4 easy heroic bosses down, some wanted more H kills and rest of the group had different goals in game, those viewed raiding as a social fun, so we tried and tried and tried.. I have no problems with wiping but some of us just wasn't ready for it.

    IMO learning or training is not problem, not learning or lacking the will to do better is. Guild lead didn't care and when i tried to talk our core raiders, none would improve. Frustration grew inside me as we spend hours of pointlessly wiping, tanks did well, healers kept us up but what the DPS did? Jack shit it did, 3 of us was was doing way more than one guy should in a healthy raid team, rest were probably on some imaginary beach drinking imaginary pina coladas and had their cat spamming few skills.

    I didn't agree with this. I got enough of that shit.. I threw out ultimatum to my guild: you either get those slackers do real damage in heroics or I'm out of here. Nothing happened so i didn't come back in few months.

    MOP has been pretty boring for me so i'm playing something else and waiting the next Xpack. Then i have to work my ass off to prove my ass is worth of a raidspot. New guild and similar people with similar aims so i guess its going to be a better ride. Can't wait for it.

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    I am back since a few weeks but I hardly quit and have been playing since Oct 2006.

    So I started in Vanilla, but already with clustered BG's.

    The reason was simple: Diablo 3 kept my attention so much, I didn't have time to level all my 3 classes in WOW by the time MoP came out.

    Although ... I think the main dissapointment back then was with the start of Cata when they nerved the healer to the ground. While it was challenging to run out of mana back then, I ditched my main healing Paladin because of the whiner kids in these dungeons (blame the healer!) ...and that kept me out of dungeons and raids for months and months.

    So I started playing Rogue and a little bit Hunter in Cata...

    Then came MoP ... and ... the Rogue was now unpleasant to play in PvP BG's... So while I did try to level up to 90 with the rogue ... D3 had simply more challenge in hardcore AND faster combat.

    I am back since a few weeks now and ... leveling my Paladin slowly, but ... hey ! the healing DOES work again in dungeons, so I am pleased to have my Holy Paladin back.

    Slowly, because Hearthstone is being played 2 hours a day too !

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    Left patch 4.3 day one with nearly a month of active sub left. I was massivily bored with the game, spent most of cata coming in and out, i thought i was living the game for another month, like i did before, the fact is that stayed offline more then one year.

    Came back with a scroll of ressurection, then i got a 7 days free promotion, and i finally got the MoP trial, after being playing the MoP trial for less then 2 days, got bored and logged off again untill now. Meanwhille, since my return with the scroll of ressurection i have started playing a trial acc (level 20), which i'm still playing.

    For what i've seen in MoP (mostly Jade forest) there is nothing to please me, nothing that suits my gameplay style, and you could be sure its not its current retarded gameplay custumization that is going to bring me back.

    I still enjoy wow, i just find that wow is no longer worth of my money.

    I also don't want to troll, so i have to say aswell that some reasons that maded me quit are related with my RL.

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    Early January this year. My raiding guild disbanded. Payed for a one-month sub this summer, it was fairly enjoyable but I don't really have time to play anymore.
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    Technically it was July when my sub officially ran out, but I haven't really played since my guild I really tried to help save crashed and burned early ToT and I didn't feel like starting over on a new server for a few reasons. I quit once before for about half a year about halfway through ICC, though I intended to come back then, I just didn't want to waste my time and money grinding ICC over and over because it stopped being fun. I enjoyed my six years of playing WoW but ATM I'm not sure if I'll be making a return, I won't count it out but...meh, I don't really miss it. Yes I still linger here on these forums but it's mostly about off-topic sports and movies stuff, as there is a fairly good community here for such things and I don't do posting or blogging anywhere else.

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    First time: It was shortly before WOTLK came out. I was just flat bored with nothing feasible to do. Quit a few months after playing and essentially only farming BGs.

    Rejoined about the time ICC came out

    Second time: After eventually pugging ICC10 for the, god, probably 100th time (Probably close to 200 total, for both modes), and finally getting into a group that got more than 4/12. (10/12, actually!). I figured "Well, that's probably the most I'll ever see. Might as well just quit while I'm ahead).

    Rejoined about a month after Cata came out.

    Third time: Just was flat out bored. Vowed to never come back unless a LFD system got put into something like raids.

    Rejoined when LFR got put in the game
    Fourth time: This is the longest I ever stayed in the game, I went from the implimentation of LFR in Cata, till a few weeks before 5.4 came out. This time, I quit because I simply felt that "this is it", this is probably all I'll ever be able to do in the game, I had my fun, and now it's just going to be the same things over and over. Not a mark against the game, but I made my peace with it, mostly. I enjoyed what I had done, and now, I'm very unlikely to play again, unless it goes free to play or something. Or they do some dramatic shifts in the gameplay. It also didn't help that my two friends who had played both had stopped playing.
    I also sold my account for about $200, and got a 2013 Nexus 7 tablet :x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilbon View Post
    One does not simply quit WoW. I've done it twice, but here I am still.
    Heh, I quit at least once an expansion...

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    I take a break from WoW every expansion for about a month, sometimes for different reasons.

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    Took one break now in MoP after my previous guild broke up due to stubborn Guild master. Cousin begged me to come back and I decided to give it 1 month... Few days after Ashes dropped for me lol. So Ill stick around a bit more...maybe
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    Raided from molten core all through to heroic animus. We we're raiding in ToT got to the twin consorts. Tank had me replaced because someone needed loot which didn't bother me at all, but the guy replacing me was our 3rd tank who could easily have replaced the tank. Asked wtf was up and he said he does what he wants and all that bs.

    Within about 10 seconds the game just got to me, too much time investment, too much time I could be socializing being wasted on something that ultimately was not making me happy. Gquit on the spot, left vent, closed wow, deleted it. Not the kind of ending I would have liked but I guess it is a good way for me to know for sure I'm not bothered going back. 20+ raiding hours a week for 7 years + casual gaming in wow is something I really wish I could take back.

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    I started playing wow in december 2004. As soon catclysm got released I started to get really tired of it. The recycling of old bosses and the game lore going downhill made me quit soon after. Was hoping they would come with something nice after but then pandamon was announced. An expansion revolving around pandas and pokemon? No thanks. I get 7 free days emails once in a while, didnt bother with that.
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