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    Quote Originally Posted by m777 View Post
    i hope they destroy it so we can go back to ironforge
    Indeed. SW is shit. IF 4 life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokoz View Post
    Am I missing something here? From what I can see they are simply asking what your favorite NPC/area is.. why must you take it out of context ._.?
    a long dooker ookin' time ago in blizz's official forums, blizzard asked us which ones were our favorite skills, which ones were not fun and which ones we used the least.

    shortly after that, they disappeared with a third of my spellbook.

    I'm not saying this was a bad thing (though my mage misses her flame orb ), but it illustrates that blizzard doesn't create discussion topics without reason.

    if they asked about stormwind, something is gonna happen to stormwind, and they want to know what to preserve in order to cause the least amount of QQ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travio View Post
    Would be nice if they fixed up Stormwind, added a new phased section for those who're past the Twilight Highlands starter quest...
    I'd rather it be for everyone and the TH starter quest just get removed. Having a phase of SW for 85+ where most 85+ people will be on Pandaria or the new area, not as cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by Puffler View Post
    I feel like stormwind needs a space program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zka View Post
    According to an alleged leak, SW will become a raid instance and Strat will be the new capital for humans. I'd like that change

    About that "leak"

    The OP even says it's not a leak after making all kinds of bold statements that it is!
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    I'd like to see the Park get fixed. Doubt it's ever gonna happen though. More than likely, Blizzard is just trying to get feedback to help design an Alliance area for some future expansion.

    Quote Originally Posted by m777
    i hope they destroy it so we can go back to ironforge
    Also this. I always hang out in IF anyway.

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