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    Karhazan is not the best raid ever (that would be AQ40 or Naxx40)

    But it's hands down FAR better than all the crapfest that ensued : ulduar, icc, tot (omfg), and now soo.
    by calling Ulduar a crapfest you admit that you know nothing about good raids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eschatological View Post
    ToT was very linear, and very story-based. It was about a mad, power hungry king who was raised from the dead by Zandalari trolls. And to even get to him to vaniquish his evil, you had to beat his troll protectors/benefactors (wing 1), dig deep into the bowels of the Isle after Lei Shen stomped the main bridge (cutscene not shown in LFR to its detriment), fight crazy beasts in the underworld until you literally climbed out of the sewers, defeated a bird whose feathers allowed you to fly back into the main palace (wing 2), only to discover this mad king had been experimenting with powers beyond any mortal's control (wing 3), before finally meeting and defeating his vanguard and then him (wing 4). And if you did heroic, then you got to meet his enslaved Titan, sitting under the experimental wing (under Primordius), and beat him up.

    And people *hated* the linearity of that instance, for some reason. I loved it. I thought it was the best done raid in WoW since Ulduar, maybe ever.
    This post I can agree with.

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    It wasn't hard, but it was a decent challenge early on. Overall it was a very nice raid, but awkward with 25man taking over the 40 man format. The lore behind it was also nice, though most certainly people primarily went there for the loot. Don't kid yourself.

    OT: A mostly linear raid with some choices in bosses where we scale up a tower, I'd probably say yes to that. Not sure if they could pull it off and make it fresh.
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    I enjoyed kara's fleshed-out castle feel - many side passages, many optional bosses. I would like to see something like it again.

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