View Poll Results: What was your favorite final raid?

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  • Naxxramas 40

    50 9.47%
  • Sunwell

    77 14.58%
  • Icecrown Citadel

    281 53.22%
  • Dragon Soul

    17 3.22%
  • Siege of Orgrimmar

    103 19.51%
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    Did the guy that made the pool even played tbc and wrath? last raid in wrath was ruby sanctum which was a filler SUCH as swp was, soo if ppls pick icc im going to pick BT.

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    Sunwell by far. It had the most interesting mechanics at the time and was very well made. I enjoyed it quite a lot.

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    The Patient vickvinegar's Avatar
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    ICC all the way

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    The Lightbringer dragothica's Avatar
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    ICC > SoO > Sunwell > Naxx 40 > DS

    I didn't really raid but only ICC, SoO and DS of them. Sunwell and Naxx 40 were too difficult to get in at current level.

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    Definitely ICC. It's the one instance where Blizzard managed to create a ton of fights that weren't just challenging, but also really fun. H Putricide gave us quite a bit of trouble, but I thoroughly enjoyed the encounter which made it fun even throughout all the wipes.

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    voted icc, but haven't raided soo yet so..

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    By a huge difference ICC. I still remember the first time i entered that.........

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    By a huge difference ICC. I still remember the first time i entered that.........
    Same for me
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    I might have voted Naxx 40, but in all fairness my guild should have killed more than 2 bosses there for me to honestly judge the quality. So....yes, been there but haven't really experienced it completely in Classic.

    In a way, that kinda should go for everyone and in all raids. SoO deserves to be judged if you can clear it in hardmode, because only then it would be compareable to bone hard endraids like SWP and Naxx 40.

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    Sunwell > Siege of Orgrimmar > Icecrown Citadel > Dragon Soul

    Never got to play in vanilla, so Naxx40 is out of the question. Sunwell by far the best though.

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    Honestly sunwell were somekind of dissapoint for me, as well as entire silvermoon, especially ruins that don't really look like ruins. After warcraft 3 i thought Arthas obliterated entire city, but if so it don't looks like in wow.

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    ICC ofc
    The balance was perfect cool bosses and not so bored trash like SoO

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    I really really want to do SOO. Can't right now though

    If I had to vote, it'd be Dragon Soul. That's the only end game current content I really played. Cleared it every week since it was released and also got 6/8 HM i'm pretty sure because of guild problems and stuff. I did play during ICC but I was still kinda new to the game so whenever I joined a group I would be kicked out for 2k dps LOL (I was that bad and even as a frost DK). Got my stuff together and was raiding all throughout Cata since the start.

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    Siege of Orgrimmar.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shekora View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Icy Sea by far.

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    Icecrown by far. I was in a happy, active guild then though so that probably have a big impact on how I feel about the place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rebecca191 View Post
    Now that MoP is basically "over" in terms of raid content, poll on the best end of expansion raid...

    For me it was a hard choice, I picked ICC over Sunwell because it was a longer raid and the Lich King was my favorite villain who I always wanted to fight in WoW.

    Curious to see how many people actually pick Dragon Soul. :-P
    Not to be technical but wasn't the raid with Halion the final raid instance of wrath. Whereas the sunwell was the final raid of tbc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtbrig7390 View Post
    Wrong ICC was the last official raid of WOTLK. Blizzard themselves even stated it right after the release of RS that ICC is the final raid of WOTLK because it ended the WOTLK story.
    By that criteria, wouldn't the last raid of BC become Black Temple?

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    Voted for Siege,

    didnt see SWP, since i took a break after killing Illidan.
    ICC was cool, but even though the fights were good, i didnt feel alot during the raids there, there was no excitement for me to get back every week
    Naxx60, was a good raid, but not that epic to me
    Dragon Soul was quite fun, although they could have made 1 big tunnel and put 8 bosses in a row, huge area it all took place, we barely got into that huge environment

    Siege however, fights feel good, big area and there is stuff going on!
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    I didn't raid SoO so I won't comment on it, but for me:

    Naxx40 > Sunwell > ICC > My little pony > watching paint dry > Please kill me > DS

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