View Poll Results: What was your favorite final raid?

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  • Naxxramas 40

    50 9.47%
  • Sunwell

    77 14.58%
  • Icecrown Citadel

    281 53.22%
  • Dragon Soul

    17 3.22%
  • Siege of Orgrimmar

    103 19.51%
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    SoO is the most fun I've had in raiding. DS was nice, but it had too few bosses lasted too long. ICC was when I got into raiding, it has a special place in my heart, but it doesn't compare to SoO imo. Not gonna comment on the previous because, as I said, I started in ICC.

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    Wrath baby here, so I get to choose between ICC/DS/SoO. I'd go with SoO, but it's a hard choice, ICC was also great, if the guild I was in back then had been a decent raiding guild (like my current one) I probably would have loved ICC more. At any rate, one thing's for sure: DS was crap.

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    well I wasnt playing in vanilla, and was only learning to raid in TBC so out of last 3 expansions, SoO is best imo.
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    For me personally it was ICC, because of the lore.
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    Gotta go with Icecrown Citadel. Despite the fact that the visuals and overall feeling of the raid is better in SoO, IC wins with the one thing that is really important in a good raid - boss encounters.

    First of all, there aren't many memorable encounters in Siege in the first place. I'm not saying that Icecrown had no random bosses, but at least they brought something to the raid. Whole Plague Wing is extremly memorable in terms of bosses and their dialogues, all the end bosses of their wings are amazing (Deathbringer, Putricide, Sindragosa and Blood Queen) and most of them concentrate on what it's all about - directly fighting a boss.

    In SoO, I hate to say it, but there is just not so much spirit in those encounters. Whole Orgrimmar part feels like a wasted opportunity, and I hoped it will be the highlight of the raid. I especially hate what they did with Nazgrim and Galakras encounter. You have one fight with a grizzled war veteran, a powerfull warrior, and one fight with possibly the most powerfull dragon for the time (Brood of Galakrond, come on). And what do we get - add fights. And I must admit, add fights are what I hate about the current encounter design. Suprisingly, my favourite fights (besides Sha) are those that are quite obscure to the whole lore, Juggernaut and Thok. At least you don't spend 80% of the time looking for anything other than boss to fight.

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    Icc for lore reasons, and SoO for overall better mechanics/fights. Ill have to give this one to SoO though.

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    ICC... last time EVERYBODY could raid normals/heroics casually, heck PUGS were more common than guild raids. Most epic boss, and most epic patch, lore, you name it.
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    Trying to look at it without nostalgia (ie being younger, more impressionable, still able to be genuinely wow'ed by content), I'll say Siege of Orgrimmar. In terms of the quality of fights and general raid design, SoO and ToT have been the best two in WoW's history. The atmosphere and the lore was better in past expansions but the fights are more fun now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    All polls should be for 2nd place. Because the Wrath option always wins by 30% at least.
    Its currently over 100% higher than second on this poll lol

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    ICC by a long shot. Great boss fights, lore and just an amazing ending to a great expansion.

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    ICC but Siege is quite close - I play since TBC but didn't get to Sunwell when it was current - if I did it might have changed my opinion (tbh not a lot of people experienced before wrath - Wowpedia says less than 1% of the playerbase, the same case being Naxx40). Dragon Soul was horrible...

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    Naxxramas 40 > SoO > ICC > Sunwell > DS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endemonadia View Post
    Its currently over 100% higher than second on this poll lol
    I wonder how the poll would look like if only people who raided all five options would vote. I'm sure most didn't raid Naxx or SW.

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    I voted Sunwell. I guess the poll will be skewed because there are a lot of people who didn't play during Naxx or Sunwell, therefore they will vote ICC, DS(LOL) or SoO.

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    I'm still activley trying to forget Dragon Soul.

    But seriously: Icecrown Citadel. I just had the best time in the game at that time. Though I played during all 5 raids ICC just felt best because I had the most fun with my guild and friends.
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    (I love how everyone always forgets that ICC wasn't the final raid released for WotLk =p )
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    With so many wrath babies on this forum, the true final best tier raid Sunwell, stands no chance of being first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikkaszal View Post

    (I love how everyone always forgets that ICC wasn't the final raid released for WotLk =p )
    What's this Ruby Sanctum?

    Do not remind me of that horrible raid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    With so many wrath babies on this forum, the true final best tier raid Sunwell, stands no chance of being first.
    What makes Sunwell a better final raid than Naxx 40?
    Especially the last bosses were quite epic and killig them felt incredibly satisfying.

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    ICC for me. Loved the raid, enjoyed all the bosses for the most part. I found LK to be one of the best fights they've created.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    No competiton, Sure ICC was fun. But on the terms of being the most perfectly tuned, end of expansion raid, Sunwell has never yet had any competition.
    Hmm except for the part in 'perfectly tuned' when you had to stack certain classes or you put yourself at a disadvantage so great that you may as well disband the raid

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