View Poll Results: What was your favorite final raid?

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  • Naxxramas 40

    50 9.47%
  • Sunwell

    77 14.58%
  • Icecrown Citadel

    281 53.22%
  • Dragon Soul

    17 3.22%
  • Siege of Orgrimmar

    103 19.51%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    Can I hate on DS for having the worst Trash-to-Boss ratio and worst setting of any raid?
    What, DS had like no trash at all. Guess you never raided in Vanilla.

    I didnt raid ICC. I'll have to hand it to Naxx 40.

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    Not enough real competitive raiding experience from me to give a technical opinion on the boss fights themselves, but aesthetics wise, Sunwell was my favorite. ICC, while decently fun, was mostly just blue and black all over. Siege is pretty neat once you actually get into the Underhold or whatever it's called.

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    Naxx 40



    Top one being the best, imo

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    Siege is better quality than any prior end tier.

    However for best raid of all time, nothing comes close to Ulduar.
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    I am quite surpriced to see how fell SoO fares in the poll..
    seems like blizzard really have done something right this exp.

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    Oh, this is a tough one. On one hand i wanna say ICC because the raid overall was amazing, although it lasted for too long. ICC lasted for too long and didnt really feel like the final end it should've been. I.E cataclysm should've been released earlier.

    So my vote goes to Sunwell. Amazing raid and was alot of fun all up until the end even when we transferred into the pre-wotlk event.
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    Sunwell and ICC were an absolute blast, even though I have never completed Sunwell fully (prior to WotLK ofc). While Ulduar was not end of the expansion raid, it was one of the best raids in WoWs history.

    Cata, MoP raids don't even touch it.
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    This poll isn't really fair to SoO. It hasn't been out that long and many people have not yet cleared it or have it on farm long enough to form an informed opinion.

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    Sunwell all the way.
    no competition

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    1 ICC, best by far not just content but quality of design. yes we were there a long time, but i enjoyed almost all of it.
    2 SoO is so much zerg to me, while the concept is great, not as good as ICC was. having fun so far though.
    3 BC, BT was just so much running... Sunwell by contrast was just too cramped. i loved the environment of BT, 2nd fav to ICC
    4 AQ. similar to BT just so much running, especially on the way back OUT after the shortcut was patched out thx to exploiters.

    DS doesnt even belong on the list, absolutely no new content, EVERYTHING was a re-used template, no trash, no adventure, no fun.

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    Icecrown was not the end of expansion raid, though it should've been. Ruby Sanctum was bleh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heladys View Post
    Icecrown was not the end of expansion raid, though it should've been. Ruby Sanctum was bleh.
    RS wasnt the end raid, it was the transition instance. hence the mediocre loot, which made very few even bother to run it.

    few guilds even bothered to run it again after the first kill (on my server) and after examining the loot table even fewer bothered to learn the mechanics and even GET a kill.

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    Naxx40 (0 contest) > Sunwell = SoO > rest sucked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahFrigginBlah View Post
    DS doesnt even belong on the list, absolutely no new content
    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahFrigginBlah View Post
    EVERYTHING was a re-used template
    I'd never seen Madness tentacles before...
    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahFrigginBlah View Post
    no trash
    You mean the invisible trash before the first (giants), second and third (oozes/tentacles), fourth (Shamans and Mages), and fifth (annoying juvenile twilight drakes) bosses?
    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahFrigginBlah View Post
    no adventure
    That's subjective...
    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahFrigginBlah View Post
    no fun.
    My first raid since PuGging died in WotLK was far more fun than chain running ZA and ZG heroics...

    Clearly we have different experiences :3
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    I think this poll won't be very accurate.

    I am saying this because most people didn't start playing in Vanilla. And certainly from that period almost no one stepped into Naxx 40.

    Also I don't regard as Sunwell as the "final" instance of that Expansion. Sure it was technically but if that be the case then Ruby Sanctum would be there instead of ICC.

    That being said, I do regard Sunwell to be superior to Black Temple. I found it a frightening and fun instance. Frightening only because of it's rep. Did most of the bosses prenerf.

    Naxx40 was very frightening again for its reputation. Only did 50% and it was damn hard.

    Ultimately I voted ICC. It was the nicest from a Lore perspective. (LK and Sindragosa)

    I did not play when Dragonsoul came, so I cannot give my opinion on that (which also means that this poll will not be 100%).

    And thus I did not do SoO

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    I would vote for BT+MH instant, if that was an option.

    Sunwell wasnt as good as it was highly "for elite only" raid and in that regard everyone who raided it was in some way special. That adds to bias for SWP a lot (i finished 4/6 SWP).
    ICC was good, but certainly had mechanics that makes it mediocre for me.
    DS.......better not comment, my guild broke down halfway and I spend better time of DS rebuilding it for MoP than serious raiding.
    SoO, my guild is in perfect shape, almost as good as it was in SWP, currently at 3/14H.

    So my biased vote goes to SoO as raid I enjoy most of them all.

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    I think Original Naxx It was extremely Difficult, and needed you to think, talk tactics and plan. I remember, before Wrath, my old raid guild, decided we would "Zerg" Naxx, with our shiny lvl 70 epics, and we instantly failed. SoO is abit of a joke, Most fights are the same, involving Adds, It certainly is no Dragon Soul but it could of been abit better.

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    I didn't raid in vanilla properly at all so cannot comment on naxx60. Out of the others, SoO is the most impressive for me so far.

    The one thing that really sticks with me about ICC is that, as epic as the place truly is, it feels like you are wandering around a vast empty house looking for things to kill at the end of corridors. I know there was trash but there doesn't feel like there's a point, a story to what you are doing other that killing things until you get to the LK. SoO has a natural flow to it and the characters/bosses seem to have a point, a reason for standing in your way.

    As a side note, I love how people complained DS re-used old models yet no-one has levelled this complaint against SoO, which really is full of reused models. Don't get wrong I am not complaining as I love the place and don't mind reused models at all: I just find the lack of consistency from the whiners amusing.
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    I was playing in Classic but never got to do Naxx 40, so I can't say anything on it. ICC was a lot of fun though, especially on a geared fury warrior with Shadowmourne when Armor Penetration still existed. ICC is going to get my vote. The instance was beautifully designed, and it brought closure to the Arthas/Lich King story.

    Sunwell was a beautiful instance with a lot of cool encounters, but I don't feel that I have much of a right to comment on it since I didn't clear it when it was current. My guild made it as far as Brutallus and couldn't get past him before Wrath was released and we moved on. Really, ICC and Dragon Soul were the only ones my guild cleared when the content was still current.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ziel
    I fuckin' hate when people hate on Dragon Soul because of the last boss. Seriously.
    Oddly enough, the last boss was the only thing I LIKED about Dragon Soul. I mean, it got boring after several months, but Spine and Madness were unique and fun to me the first couple of times I did them. I hated DS because of everything else. The really long stretch between Dragon Soul and MoP's release kinda burned me out too.

    Also, my account is currently inactive, so I have yet to see Siege of Orgrimmar. I still have half a mind to fire the account back up for a month just to go check it out and dick around on my warrior.
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    As someone who has raided since T4 and played before that; SoO beats everything by far. ICC comes second ofc.
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