View Poll Results: Which city do you Han g out at the most?

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  • Stormwind

    65 29.95%
  • Orgimmar

    60 27.65%
  • Ironforge

    24 11.06%
  • ThunderBluff

    7 3.23%
  • Darnassus

    14 6.45%
  • Undercity

    12 5.53%
  • Exodor

    1 0.46%
  • Silvermoon

    15 6.91%
  • Shattrath

    9 4.15%
  • Dalaran

    31 14.29%
  • Shrine

    90 41.47%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Which Capital City do you Hang Out Most?

    Which Capital cut it do you Hang out at the most and why?

    Personally, Thunder Bluff always felt like...home. Even after cata, it just feels like the same, quiet, peaceful town wresting on top of a plateau that I once mistook to be the capital of the Horde (before realizing how massive the game world was). The music made me feel like I was part of a family, one big family. There weren't any signs of attack by Alliance or preparing for war, it felt undisturbed, serene.
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    the vale, either side.

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    Stormwind. I split my time sitting in the empty ship at the docks or in the little hidden garden near the ethereal building.

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    I think this will have landslide Orgrimmar/Stormwind answers. I think it would be cool to find out where would people hang out if the other cities had the same utilities the capitals did.

    Personally, I'd still be in Orgrimmar. On the Alliance side, however, I'd probably go to Ironforge

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    That can only be Orgrimmar for me.
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    This question stopped being relevant since cata. Now we stay where blizzard forces us, choices no longer exist.

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    Just because one city doesn't have transmit or honor point vendors and so forth and doesn't offer end game quests doesn't mean you're forced to be there.

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    Darnassus for alli.
    Silvermoon for horde.
    Fk the rest.
    Shattrath is my fav

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    It's hard to beat orgimmar when you have the guildbank, the AH, the JP/VP vendors of the expansion, the forge hut for smelting/crafting, and the RP that comes with both level 60 Nefarian being defeated and someone getting Dragonwrath all practically next to each other.

    The trouble I have with some of the other cities is they are more spread out or in the case of Undercity/Ironforge a maze, it's harder to get to where you need to go. Orgimmar has pretty much everything in the one place. Or did when Cata was current content at least. In MOP you still need to go to Niuzao Temple/Shrine to get your tier/VP gear.
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    Orgrimmar and Shrine. I feel kinda bad for it, because I've spent so much time in Orgrimmar, and while it's a great city, I feel bad that I don't spend much time in Thunder Bluff or Silvermoon, since both are beautiful. Might start hanging in Thunder Bluff more.

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    I'm a big fan of Stormwind Trade District, mainly because I spent the entirety of Cataclysm there. It was nice to see the names and faces of your Faction doing whatever they did (Players that is) and it also really showed off the grandeur of the Alliance. Also everything was close by for me

    Same with Orgrimmar. The hustle and bustle of the Valley of Strength is wonderful to me, and I love it. However, I do prefer Thunder Bluff, but it feels in the middle of nowhere and half the Vendors aren't there (Honor, Ethereals, Portals and the like).

    Given MoP I've been spending time in Shrine mainly, just because it has almost everything, beyond AH, which is when my non-engineers head to SW/Org. It's connected to everything, so has been my Hearthstone point since I got to it around 87 on each and every one of my Characters. I also get to see a lot of other Players hanging around there, which makes the game feel more alive.

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    You forgot the option for 'none of them as I am usually out and about doing things'.
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    My favourite city of all time is Silvermoon, but since cata there's no reason to stay there. No portals to pandaria or any relevant vendors. I mainly stay in shrine or dalaran theese days

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    Ironforge at the edge of the pit thingy. Former guild area way back in vanilla and have been my main afk area ever since.

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    But more time in Silvermoon as that's the server I am on
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    I spend the most time in the vale to be honest. The only time i ever go back to the old world is to trade in jp/honor or sell on the ah.

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    Ironforge.. usually in Old Ironforge. No one ever goes there and I just afk in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windwalker View Post
    I think this will have landslide Orgrimmar/Stormwind answers. I think it would be cool to find out where would people hang out if the other cities had the same utilities the capitals did.

    Personally, I'd still be in Orgrimmar. On the Alliance side, however, I'd probably go to Ironforge
    I agree, that would be more interesting to ask as a question. While I hang out the most in SW due to all the utilities there, if it were available in Darnassus I'd probably stay there.
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    Shrine... with Xrealm zones I see not much point in hanging around Lagrimmar, and Fartwind city (which is one of the ugliest cities ingame anyhow....)

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    Well if all the city's was actually up to date and the game not "forcing" you to be at city of expanions/org/sw, then I would prbly hang around silvermoon/undercity and kezan if we ever get there again as horde, and as alliance it would prbly be gilneas and maybe darnassus depending on how much a face lift can do for the place.

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