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    Nature's Vigil and Existing HoTs

    Please pardon me for asking a question that could easily be answered through personal testing, but I'm re-leveling an old druid and don't have access to the talent yet (also couldn't find the answer to this specific question via forum search or Google):

    When you activate Nature's Vigil as a Resto druid, are your already existing Rejuvenation and Lifebloom effects affected (talking about the splash damage/healing, not the healing buff), or only those you cast/refresh after activating the cooldown? Was just curious if you could blanket Rejuv before popping NV for greater effect, or if NV must be used first.


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    Any effect like a HoT/DoT or ability that is already casted before you cast a buff will need to be re-applied to get the bonus.

    TL;DR: Re-apply HoT's for bonus.

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    At first I read this thinking you were talking about the healing bonus, and was about to say that is a common game mechanic that all HoT's and DoT's take a snapshot of current buffs.

    But you raise an interesting question when you talk about the 25% smart heal component. I personally think the smart heal comes from all healing that is done while under the effect of NV and so I believe existing hots will be affected as well. (The same as how the cloak works with overhealing). I could be wrong though and i'll test this later.

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    Tested it just now just for you:

    - The bonus healing effect does not apply to HoTs you have already cast. It works on the "snapshot" basis, and applies only to spells you cast while NV is active. The good news is that any HoT you cast during NV will continue to heal for 12% more until it expires (or you refresh it).

    - The "cloning" effect does apply to HoTs you have already cast. If a single-target HoT ticks and NV is active, NV will copy 25% of it regardless of when the spell was cast. The bad news is that spells don't "remember" that they were cast during NV, so once NV ends you don't get any more cloning.

    As a somewhat related fun fact, Ysera's Gift does benefit from the 12% healing bonus but does not count as a single target heal for the purposes of the cloning.
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    Thank you all! That's the specific outcome I was hoping for.

    I'm quite familiar with general HoT/DoT mechanics; I wish I'd made the focus of my question a little bit clearer in my post (beyond a parenthetical note); I would have been shocked if the 12% healing bonus applied to existing HoTs, so I'm not at all disappointed that it doesn't.

    I wonder how badly this talent impacts other players' "input lag" if you blanket Rejuv a 10-man raid while it's active, then pop Genesis.

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    All this said, what's the prevailing talent in SoO for resto now? This or HotW? Not seeing an update to the sticky regarding the choice.

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    I would say NV is the strongest of them for most fights but HoTW can be good aswell on fights like malkorok with one long aoe healing phase

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaeth View Post
    All this said, what's the prevailing talent in SoO for resto now? This or HotW? Not seeing an update to the sticky regarding the choice.
    It depends on the fight. NV is fantastic for fights with frequently recurring AoE damage, like Juggernaut or Thok. HotW is lovely for fights that have one relatively short high damage phase, like Sha of Pride or Galakras. For a lot of other fights, it's much less clear-cut and will come down to which mechanics you're having problems with. HotW provides a bigger throughput increase per use, while NV has a much higher uptime resulting in a higher average throughput increase over time. Consider which of the two is more beneficial to you and choose accordingly.
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    it also depends on the damage with NV you get more advantage casting rj than with HotW because of the heal cpy mechanic, but on the other hand HotW is better for usgin tranquility because NV wont copy his heals

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    I have experienced 10 man heroic progress on all fights but Garrosh and this is how I played it out:

    Immerseus: NV
    Fallen Protectors: NV
    Norushen: NV
    Sha of Pride: NV
    Galakras: HoTW
    Iron Juggernaut: NV
    Kor'kron Dark Shamans: NV
    General Nazgrim: NV
    Malkorok: NV
    Spoils of Pandaria: NV
    Thok the Bloodthirsty: HoTW
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse: HoTW
    Paragons of the Klaxxi: NV
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