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    Who counters Jinx?

    Who counters Jinx?

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    ADC's don't really counter each other per say. CC stomps her though. She is squishy and only has an escape if she kills someone. Grab a Leona, Thresh, Blitz, or other heavy cc support and if you two aren't bad then you just won your lane. Draven's early game could punish her pretty hard though if she gets caught. You could also Ezreal or Vayne poke.

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    Stomped her pretty hard as Ezreal + Nidalee so I guess Ezreal with any pokey support could do the trick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldassassin View Post
    Who counters Jinx?
    Anything with CC makes her go splat. Caitlyn does really well against her in lane as well.

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    Anything counters her if you sidestep her pink corkscrewslow of death, I reckon.

    Pokes seem very effective against her too.

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    Constant Jungle pressure. After that first flash she has no escapes.

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    As others have said anything with CC really hurts jinx, the all in leaves most of them panicking. If your playing duo with an adc who can buy boots and avoid her W then you are golden. I have had great success with Ali/Taric especially when my adc can avoid her skillshot, it's her only real chunk of damage esp early game and you can just out sustain the rest of her damage and all in/CC with stuns.

    If your adc is a random then go blitz/leona/thresh for the hooks/all in potential.

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    I've found Caitlyn to her hardest ADC matchup. Ez is a pretty even lane, considering her W and his Q can both be blocked by minions, so its a very easy lane to just go afk farm in.

    Ever since her release, I've yet to lose a lane in Dominion (more fast paced, requires more micro management and so on), and everytime I get those 2x lifesteal items on her and I don't screw up her E, she's very hard to beat 1v1. Her Q is just too much harass for loads of champs to handle, and her burst is just stupid at the moment (and you know its bad when you burst harder than a Zed ;D)
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    Caitlyn Smashes me early game. Ez is a interesting matchup, but if you get ahead hes in trouble. She doesnt like to see a thresh or leona support though

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    Caitlyn does well against her in lane. As for the rest of the game, if you cc her and your team gets to her she is probably going to die. She is incredibly squishy and has on escape other than her passive, which is unreliable at best.

    I would think lanes like Graves Leona would also be really good against her early game. Though she would be able to punish you heavily if you went too deep on a skirmish or something.

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    In lane? ADCs don't really "counter" each other, but if you want to be safe against her, Kog'Maw isn't a bad choice and Ezreal's strong. If you're not laning against her, hard CC like Jarvan or Amumu can end a game for her.

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    She's actually really well suited from a lore perspective - one of the best lanes against her is Caitlyn, and the best jungler against her is probably Vi

    Jinx must be able to kite - and she has a snare and root grenades to pull that off - plus rocket poke is pretty far once her Q is leveled up. Caitlyn can outpoke her in early game though and prevent her snowball - and she can evade all Jinx ganks very effectively. So you can either use Caitlyn to shut her out early - or you can use Vi to gank her through her somewhat minimal defensives.

    She's kind of like Ashe in a lot of ways - she has no escape, is reliant on a snare for kills, peels and escape - and of course similar ultimates. Any teleporty-bruiser like Renekton / Diana / Vi can take her out easy - alternately I'd bet assassins are strong against her too. If you let her snowball, she gets too strong though - her AD scaling is tuned probably a little too well when she can full buy.
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    In my opinion her early game is weak. If you pick cait/ez and with sona/thresh/zyra and poke her she cant do much against you. Her range with the minigun is relativly short.

    Just dont let her get free farm, she is a great 1v1 duelist in mid game.

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    i don't think she has a counter, tbh. she can only have a bad lane if something goes wrong.

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    IMO Jinx is a late game carry like Trist or Vayne. Yes, you can beat them in lane, but once mid game comes and they start getting kills they WILL catch up to your lead and surpass it very quickly if they start getting kills. I had another good game with her last night, and something that I think is important when going against her throughout the game.

    -If you are low health, dont stay around and dont port back in obvious places (in lane, under tower, etc). Just imagine there is always a Lux and Ez hiding in the bushes, you dont want to die from her Ult. I cant tell you how many kills I have gotten by side stepping the supp to shoot Jinx ult at the ADC who thinks they can stick around or run away in a straight line in lane.
    -If she gets a kill or an assist, running away is pretty futile. Her speed up passive along with long range poke that slows, then snare traps makes her a nightmare to run away from. I honestly think its best to side step and balls up on her, I can only think of one person that was able to run away from me in the past few games and that was an Ez.
    -You CANNOT ignore her, if you cant get to her, atleast zone her. I cant tell you how many times an enemy Nasus or Udyr start chasing me during a team fight (and thanks to my peelers) they cant get close, so they start going for somebody else, while Jinx is in the back doing aoe damage with her rocket from a safe distance and poking hard.

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    Vayne can just tumble out of her Zap. Same goes for Ez. Ez bullies harder early game. Vayne scales harder late game.

    Tristana just plain outranges her lategame and scales harder due to her insane Aspeed boost + better base stats.

    I'd assume Draven can just obliterate her in lane, because he still does stupid amounts of damage. Haven't seen one in ages though, so not sure. Jinx is far more useful late game, so Draven's team would need to finish it before Jinx gets going.

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    I've seen some Quinns having a good time vs Jinx after level 6.

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    ADC: Caitlyn, Ez, Draven, Varus, Trist

    CC support: Zyra, Blitz, Tresh, Ali, Taric

    Gap Closer Junglers: Lee, Vi, Rammus, Amumu, Elise, Diana, Jarvan

    Gap closer Mids: Zed, Ahri, Fizz, Kassadin, Talon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deldavala View Post
    ADC: Caitlyn, Ez, Draven, Varus, Trist

    CC support: Zyra, Blitz, Tresh, Ali, Taric

    Gap Closer Junglers: Lee, Vi, Rammus, Amumu, Elise, Diana, Jarvan

    Gap closer Mids: Zed, Ahri, Fizz, Kassadin, Talon
    Minus your ADC's, you just listed champions that are good vs most, if not all adc's.........not just Jinx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amontoya86 View Post
    Minus your ADC's, you just listed champions that are good vs most, if not all adc's.........not just Jinx.
    True, but I feel especially the CC support category is more counter to Jinx than most other ADC due to her lack of proper escape

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