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    Being that the armor they've been coming out with this expansion looks awful, I'm quite alright not seeing it in forms. I do think it would be nice if there were something to differentiate a geared, raiding bear from a brand new level 10 (or whatever level you get Bear form now) bear but a full set of armor would look weird. At least the old Dire Bear model was slightly larger than the lv 10 Bear. Of course I'd still prefer they minimized our huge butts a bit over any other appearance changes.

    I will never understand people who rolled Druid and beg for glyphs/abilities to not see forms. Why play a Druid if you don't like the shapeshift forms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rated View Post
    When I'm raiding or actively doing something the last thing I'm thinking about is "how do I look ?". I'm too busy raiding, tanking etc.

    How ever, when I'm not doing those things I see my sexy gear all the time.
    This is pretty much my sentiments on it. I play feral, so I use the burning seeds in raids so I can find myself among the melee more easily. It would be pretty cool to have something like "burning seeds" for all the specs. Give you a bit of uniqueness.

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