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    Moonkin mouse binds

    I got my razer naga this morning still havent figured what to bind to it. any players here who use it and got any suggestions? Im not really looking to bind my main rotational abilities to it, but if you do that and think thats the way to go I'd love to hear why you think that.

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    I've been using the Razer Naga for about a year now, I really like it but I've never really used button 7-12 and the two buttons next to the index finger, but that is a just a personal preference (just like I don't use ALT modifier because I it feels like it's in an awkward spot aswell). Like you I don't like having my main rotation on the mouse, I did try it out when playing Diablo 3 (switching from numpad to numbers so all 6 abilities was bound to the mouse) so I could play it with one hand, but I would never use that when raiding anything but LFR.

    My binds are:

    1: auto run
    2: sprint (worgen sprint on druid, tiger's fury on monk, unholy advantage on dk etc.)
    3: mount
    4: Healthstone
    5: 2nd sprint/personal cd (Might of Ursoc druid, nitro boost on dk) - I should change it so it's the same for all chars like I have with all other binds

    6 I don't use a lot, but when I do it's usually for boss specific macro's (dispell enrage on warcaller for spoils atm)
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    If you don't know what to bind to it don't bind anything. The last thing you want to do is start binding shit there just because you can and then start forgetting all your keybinds. If you need something keybound then you personally need to decide what key you want ti on, whether it be on your keyboard or mouse. No one should be able to tell you what to bind a specific spell/ability to, it's your own choice.

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    key binds are always a matter of personal preference, so in the end its really up to you. as far as learning the naga, it can help if you set up a a bar like this to match the naga buttons to help you learn, at least it helped for me (in fact mine are still like that, took this a few mins ago)

    this is using 1-6 on the keyboard, plus 1-9 on the numpad (naga) and shift/alt modifiers

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    While it is mostly personal choice I wouldn't recommend rotational abilities on your naga. They keys don't really hold up more than a few months if you're mashing them. So I'd recommend CDs like incarnation, celestial alignment, potion, dash, ursoc, hotw, tranq, etc. moonfire/sunfire starsurge etc really should be on something like 1-5 on your keyboard. Again all up to you, just try to avoid spammy spells on the mouse.

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    First suggestion : SEND IT BACK. Buy a Logitech g600 instead. (I bought a limited edition naga, was told the day after it arrived about the g600 and returned mine. The g600 is a FAR superior mouse. The buttons are easier to feel your way around (as theyre bigger and tilted into 2 sections of 6) there is a 3rd button that can be used as a modifier key to make it a 24 button thumbpad, and well as a mouse wheel that clicks left and right like a joystick for another 2 easily accessible buttons. It is a little wider than normal, and that takes a couple of days to get used to, but i couldn't play without it now.

    on topic:
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    10 11 12

    1: Interrupt (Typhoon, counterspell, rebuke, mind freeze etc)
    2. Secondary interrupt/stun (Solarbeam, fist of justice, deep freeze etc)
    3. Movement increase (displacer beast, that paladin speed boosty thing, blink)
    4. Ground aoe (wild mushroom, consecration, DnD, Flamestrike)
    5. aoe continued (detonate mushroom, arcane explosion, holywrath, blood boil)
    6. CC (cyclone, sheep, hex, blinding light esphixiate)
    7. Heal (rejuve, sacred shield, ice barrier)
    8. Heal continued (healing touch, word of glory, iceblock)
    9. Instant (Nature's swiftness, presence of mind, lay on hands)
    10. Auto run
    11. Roots (natures grasp, eartbind/capacitor totem, chains of ice)
    12. fight-by-fight macro used for things like force of nature, /clickextraactionbutton1, specific innervate macros etc

    hope this list is useful, I find keeping similar moves across all chars makes it easy (as does having the bar displayed whilst you get used to it). As you said, none of your main rotation buttons in play, mostly QOL buttons, with the exception of AOE really.

    PS, I was serious about sending it back.

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    Agree with Vexxe tbh, I got through 3 nagas in 18 months, got a G600 when my third one broke a couple of months back and it's basically the same mouse just 100x better, don't spend money on a Naga

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zachysaurus View Post
    this is using 1-6 on the keyboard, plus 1-9 on the numpad (naga) and shift/alt modifiers
    Just a question, what are the naga 1-9 binds called ingame on your bar if you have show on keybinds?

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    I can't speak on the new razer nagas with the mechanical buttons on the side, but with the older ones, I absolutely hate having any sort of cast on them, at least combat related. I just feel like there is a delay. So for me,
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    10 11 12

    1 - Starfall
    2 - Incarnation Macro
    3 - Celestial Alignment Macro
    4 - Hurricane shift mod - Typhoon
    5 - Shrooms Detonate shift mod - Vortex
    6 - Shrooms
    7 - Healing Touch/Nature's Swiftness Macro
    8 - Rejuv
    9 - Might of Ursoc
    10 - Movement speed macro, boots, stampeding roar, dash
    11 - Innervate
    12 - Astral Com or whatever it's called, but I really like the idea to use it as the extra action button

    But as you can see like with xtramuscle, mostly used with defensive CDs, and you just group them how you want to. It works best to use only half of the buttons at first until you get the feeling of it down.

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    My binding lay out:

    1 Wrath
    2 Starfire
    3 shroom/shroom detonate
    4 moonfire
    5 sunfire
    6 starfall
    7 Typhoon + vortex (shift)
    8 symbiosis
    9 Healing touch/Starsurge
    10 solar beam
    11 hurricane
    12 rejuv + innervate (shift)

    Essentially allows me to do most of my play with just my mouse. for abilities that require faster reponse time, such as personal CDs and starsurge, I use my keyboard.
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