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    I would never turn the music off! Music is half the game to me, I am not kidding.

    That being said, Northrend and (to some extent) TBC music is outstanding, and sadly the last two expansions haven't managed to match WotLK music.

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    A lot of them are pretty good.

    Teldrassil & Ashenvale
    Hellfire Peninsula (awesome, the impact of that music and that completely different style zone the first few times around, probably a good part of the reason why I love questing through Outland)
    Music that was in early tauren area, can't recall the name.
    Oh yeah, Vortex Pinnacle (really different and fit the instance so well)
    There's an area in Feralas that has the Cataclysm Nelf-music, that stuff is awesome too

    OTOH I'm probably one of the only people who doesn't like the Grizzly Hills music. I get what they're trying to do but it just doesn't hit the mark for me.

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    UC/Tirisfal Glade

    The Barrens (old music)

    STV !!
    Tanaris & Thousand Needles


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    Always on. Love it. Grizzly Hills and Lion's Pride Inn are my favs.

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    Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills.. every time. =)

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    The nexus. Reminds me of nero - sincere, or sincere reminds me of nexus, idk..

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    I love the music it adds a whole new element to the game which is more often than not fitting to your experience. First time i heard howling fjord music i was head over heels. Yes I was a nightelf. Yes I was a hunter. Yes the RP was on another level and I don't even care!

    SIDE NOTE: God, I miss Wrath...

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    Darn, Undercity, Nagrand, Black Temple, Dragonblight are the ones that come to mind

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    I play with the music on - just seems more epic.
    That being said, my favorite music zone has to be Storm Peaks

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    I cant say I "ALWAYS" turn on the music in any area, but I do turn it on occasionally in Stormwind. Also occasionally if I'm flying through Northrend and happen to be in the area in front of ICC with the jousting quests, I turn on the music. I liked most of the MoP music at first, but just turned it off after a while because I got bored of it.

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    Most of Northrend, Grizzly Hills more so. It's just so nice to listen to.
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    Pandaria Inns

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    Gilneas. /10char
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    Naxxramas. I love the ambient sounds / music in there.
    Pretty much any Night Elf area (Darnassus, etc)
    Storm Peaks
    Howling Fjord

    Pretty much every time I go into a new zone/raid, I listen to the music there at LEAST once. I turn it off and fire up a Winamp playlist when/if I get bored with it.

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    Silvershard mine has the best music, IMO

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    I've always loved Grizzly Hills' music.

    There are many other zones as well I enjoy, but that is hands down the one that comes to mind first.

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    Vanilla Stormwind and Ironforge themes.
    Trial of the Grand Crusader (I don't care what people say, it's still among my list of greatest raids ever)

    Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord,

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    All of them really love the music in wow it's what got me hooked back in Vanilla.

    Oh major cities tend to annoy me and I turn the music off if i'm in one a while.

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    My Music is always on, but my fav zones are Pandaria for music.

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