I'm well aware there are a lot of threads on the topic. However, they all discuss whether or not you want to see a squish, which is not what I'm interested in. We've heard both arguments countless times by now. Let's not turn this thread into such a debate, please. I'd like an open brainstorming discussion, not an argument about stuff being impossible.

Let's say Blizzard deems that it does indeed need to squish numbers. How can it make soloers happy?

I feel there are two important aspects of a squish which both must be met:
1) Player stats grow less exponentially
2) Players still grow exponentially compared to enemies

These are sorta contradictory and thus make the squish difficult. If we don't account for #1, it's a very bandaid fix which will grow out of control again soon. If we don't do #2, then people become unable to solo what they once did.

So how can one meet both of those? I believe this is the hard part and you'll have to be creative, and probably come up with significant changes to game mechanics. These are the ideas I want to hear/discuss. Yes, I do fear any solutions will be difficult to implement and to get right, but still, I'd like to see what people can come up with to meet the two above points.

Blizzard tossed out the idea of reducing ilvls but then granting players a buff while in a lower level dungeon. This is one possible way to achieve those two, but only inside dungeons. Are there better solutions?

My personal thought was they could lower the stat scaling between ilvls, but then make it such that the game compares your level and ilvl or so to the enemy; if you're higher than the enemy you do significantly more damage and take less, for example.

(If you're open-minded, you might be able to guess one of the other changes I'd have to make to implement that. If you're close-minded, you might tell me there's currently a mechanic that prevents that from working. Hopefully the former is more likely.)

Any thoughts on what might be able to make a squish work?