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    How would you feel if humans became playable on the horde

    Warriors of Draenor hits, the fanfare and plot of the new expansion that hails back to classic wow roots and the most popular expac TBC is announced, and with it they unveil what some of the new race models look like.

    The announcement also follows that each race new model will be launched with some sub races. Orcs getting Mag'har orcs and dragonmaw orcs, but forsaken getting undead elves and humans that look really good (not alliance humans) because they are using new blood elf models humanized (i.e. blood elf models with animation but human ears/eyes/eyebrows/facial hair(men) and some human hairstyles replacing some of the more elven male styles)

    Like all sub-races, they are based off models of existing ones and the reason why these humans show up on the forsaken race group is because a dynamic development happened to a fairly large group of undead that found themselves made fully alive again. They waste no time ofc, 6 of the most able rogues who got turned are tasked by the Sylvannas herself to infiltrate the alliance intelligence before the news spreads... and they tell the exciting plot and unveil the mystery behind this over the expansion.

    The real reason behind this is because humans are far too popular & are the reason the alliance numbers keep beating the horde almost 60:40 people (esp new subs) keep picking humans despite all efforts made to make horde much more attractive. Rather than keep this bias up, they decided to give the horde a version of humans too as one of the sub-group races

    I know to some it sounds really way out there, but before you write the first thing that comes to your mind, STOP a sec, actually think about it and imagine. Don't think of these are alliance humans joining the horde, they are not, they are horde members made living human again. Let me know how you feel about this, why you feel the way that you feel - be open minded

    Remember this group are forsaken that got changed back, against their will. They really do hate the alliance for trying to wipe them out when they were undead, so they're loyal to the horde, but also to bear in mind, hating the alliance doesn't mean they're evil, and it's quite possible to write good roles for them, a story of redemption, loyally forsaken, but different because of this transformation.

    How will you feel about playing this kind of human on the horde, how do you feel it will affect the game? This is not a proposal topic, it's an exploration one, imagine what if. I will expand on the reasons this will benefit the franchise later, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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    The Horde want nothing to do with your sharp edges and disco

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    Don't want humans on my side
    i require ham.

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    You can already play a dead human on Horde, isn't that enough and cool enough?

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    oh, it helps if you don't think of the goofy human model wow uses, and you are not thinking of alliance humans.

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    From a lore standpoint: Indifferent
    From a gameplay standpoint: I like me some differences between factions.

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    But... the human's dead relatives who are simply zombified humans (ok and maybe some elves for all we know) are already Horde?

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    Meh. They'd have to come up with some REALLY good explanation for that one. Cured Forsaken wouldn't work. Everything they think, feel, and do is defined by their being undead. Cured Forsaken would be Lordaeron humans, who might just as well be disgusted with what has happened to their homeland (it's not exactly hospitable to actual living beings right now) and are more likely to flee south and join Stormwind, whom they'd have a stronger affinity with than any race on the Horde.
    There's also the long history the Forsaken have of killing any living humans they come across. They'd need a really good reason to stop that, too. And the remaining living humans would need a very good reason to forgive and trust them.

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    how do you cure decay and rot?

    sorry josé, but no deal.

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    we have humans, they are dead, but we have them, they are actually cooler dead.

    OT, no, it wouldnt fit in and I would freak everytime I saw one in Org.

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    "Does this mean I can switch my female orc shammy over to Alliance?" <---that would be my 1st thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post

    It will hlep if you think of the forsaken being the source of the humans. In my version, some of the undead human forsaken somehow get cured,

    It's the other way around. Humans are the source of the forsaken.

    If you cure a forsaken from undeath, they're dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celticmoon View Post
    The Horde want nothing to do with your sharp edges and disco
    that's not the response i'm looking for

    1. How do you feel about it?
    2. Why do you feel that way?
    3. How do you think it will affect the game?

    This is an imagine if thread, not a blizzard proposal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuhnai182 View Post
    Don't want humans on my side
    Need more than that pls, why do you feel that, and are you thinking of alliance humans when you say that

    Quote Originally Posted by Gnome View Post
    You can already play a dead human on Horde, isn't that enough and cool enough?
    You can, it's cool, for some anyway, why not play a living one too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriss View Post
    It's the other way around. Humans are the source of the forsaken.

    If you cure a forsaken from undeath, they're dead.
    just for the sake of discussion; wasn't most forsaken elves? the human forasken are something we started with recently.
    or am i completely off mark here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriss View Post
    It's the other way around. Humans are the source of the forsaken.

    If you cure a forsaken from undeath, they're dead.
    Maybe cure implies the wrong thing, think of it as reversal, there perhaps isn't a word for it yet because it doesn't happen in fantasy genres, undead was a word coined to explain the invented phoenomna of zombies, not alive, but moving etc. Unliving explained it also.

    never encountered a fantasy/horror genre where they come back to life. You can't really call it resurrection, but maybe you can - except that in wow, resurrection is used not to reverse the undeath condition, and when used on undead brings them back to undead. So i can't use rsurrection, but you know waht I mean.

    it's fantasy, if somehow undeath can happen, then you can invent somehow it's effects reversed happens. Now, back on topic, let's just say we write it into the story, and you get living humans in the forsaken, and they're playble, they get restored to their former selves.

    how do you feel about that, woudl you like it? why do you like or dislike, what do you like about it.

    it's something new, maybe a little strange at first, butimagine a bit, think, what would you be able to do with taht for a story and for a game.

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    Of all the races, why humans? Why would humans work together with orcs in the Horde?

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    Humans vs Orcs, that's the essence of Alliance vs Horde. Get humans on both and it'll just feel wrong, I'd say we should kill them again and resurrect them as undeads if they were ever to come back to "life".

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    Isn't this the third thread on this topic you and your roommate Mace have begun in the past week?

    I mean admittedly you're cutting past the rest of the sub groups or race groups or advanced races or what not straight to Horde Humans, but still it is another new thread because quite a bit of the other two threads (and a large chunk of the High Elf thread) was taken up by this.

    And you already know my opinion on this fanfic nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuhnai182 View Post
    Don't want humans on my side
    that's ok, you can keep your drafty, cold, Damp, mud huts and campfires.
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