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    Ok.. you lemmie me ah handle dis woman ta woman... (ok why did I just go Troll, I don't even play one)

    Summons her over... Ok, galfriend... I see how your guy here is saying
    completely against WOW or anything else nerd-related
    and I can understand that as well, at one time before I ever even touched that game I was among all those people with just that one view on it, that it's geeky, and said to be addictive and only for weird people - and only weird people play that kind of thing! Avoidant for not wanting to be one of those people. But you know what. I found out it's not that way, it's not the whole truth.

    Four plus years ago, I'd never imagined that I'd ever play this game. I was not talked into it by a guy... nope. I'm a grown woman, I hadn't touched a real game since my teens and my original Nintendo. A friend talked me into trying the old 10 day trial with her. We'd checked out Wizard 101 a bit (my/our first MMO) after another friend talked us unto trying it. Then came WoW... I dragged my feet a little on agreeing to try it, but eventually said ok. It was just a trial, no harm.

    Yeah I was hesitant. I believed the stereotypes. I was lost and confused by it and didn't WANT to like it. I'd actually said to my friend while playing, "Why do people like this?" She agreed and wasn't sure either. But honestly, by the time those free 10 days were almost over... I didn't want to lose it!

    Yeah, I've come to find that some there are what the stereotypes talk about. But so many people aren't. And even the stereotypical geeky teens I've known in game here and there, most of them have been pretty cool kids still that I've enjoyed playing with, geeky or not.

    But they're hardly the only people on there. There's plenty of adults and parents who play with their teens. The jocks, and doctors, and military troops, and celebrities who play in their free time. Couple days ago one of the guys who used to be on a show I like - and will be watching in about 30 min - posted "For the Horde!" on Facebook... the comments went nuts, it looked like MOST of his fans were players either now or had been, it really surprised me.

    ...and all the people who are just casual players and don't do the 24/7 basement living no-lifer thing. Those are the people you never really hear about and yet they are there. And why don't we hear about them... Eh. It's like anything else I guess, the extreme cases are the interesting ones that get spoken about. Same as other things really... do we hear talk about people who drink reasonably, only gamble a little, etc? Nope. Uninteresting. We only hear bout the excess drinkers, and addicted gamblers and gamers, etc.

    Now really, I'm not trying to talk you into it, because lets face it, it's not everyone's cup of tea. Some don't like that particular theme, others simply don't like MMOs. But from my own experience, WoW actually turned out to be a lot different and better than what I expected of it. And now... Well, I love it. In particular I adore my fave characters that I play the most often. And I really like the people I've often played it with as well.

    And if that ain't enough... seriously. Male Blood Elves. Now every girl may not agree, we all have our own tastes, but for many, those characters... Nuf said. lol

    (Edit: Dammit self, stop needing to edit words.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Whittle1523 View Post
    Did you make her watch a YouTube video
    Do you mean game play videos? Please don't.. I'm a player but I find videos of people playing to be the most boring WoW videos out there. A doubt a female non-player would find much to be impressed by.
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