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    Whats your favourite Game Cinematics?

    I never really played this game but i allways found the rendering of this cinematic pretty amazing. I wish they would make a movie in that style. What is your favourite one ?

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    Always the latest blizzard game
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    All of dem FFX cinematics!

    They did however look better back then :O

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    The one after council in ToT. /lol

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    Anything with lightsabers. And the ESO cinematic was cool.

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    FF8 had some of the best at the time.

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    Wrath of the Lich King's cinematic intro (the one you can play from in game). Gives me chills every.single.time.

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    This is by far the one.
    I don't know what it is, but I have a strong sentimental link with this game.

    Maybe due to the fact that I completed the last 15 hours of game in a marathon with 40ºC /104F fever , I still remember being in the castle under the sand, I will never forget the music at that stage because I can even feel the incredible headache I had at that moment. I honestly wouldn't be able to do it today, that was my most hard core time ever as a gamer, well that out of wow.

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    Anything from LSSSC like I say in almost any thread like this.

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    The opening of Civ 4 sends shivers down my spine, especially the beginning when it zooms in on the world and through the battle.

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    Hmm, it's between WC3, SWTOR, Diablo cinematics.

    I think il go with this:

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    Age of Empires 2, an old clasic of all times, with all of those feels going through my body everytime i watch the intro, this game will always have a place on my heart.

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    1. Any Blizzard Game

    2. The Last of Us (Mainly for the storyline they portray)

    But the cinematics Blizzard produces are so darn beautiful
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    Hands down, my favourite.

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    Probaly this one:

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    The one that has stuck with me more recently is still Deus Ex Human Revolution...hard to really say since most of them are done "in engine."

    But the intro is just pure class as well as the "trailer" if that at all counts.

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    From a more modern title, I really enjoy the two intro scenes from Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii.

    I also really like this scene, which in turn takes place before one of my favorite "epic" sections from a game.
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    My favorite cinematic of all time. I only played the beta, but the cinematic was simply amazing. If they could make an entire movie that looked like that, they would make a lot of money lol.

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    I had a lot of problems with Halo Reach, but I still love the end.
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    Think my favorites are the three intro cinematics from SW:TOR.

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