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    This also happens with HUnter glaives, and the sound goes with them. THey go super slow to some location (never followed them all the way)

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    Green glow doesn't seem very Paladinish tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santrin View Post
    Bugged out Avenger's Shield :P
    avengers shield is gold/orange, not green
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    Space expansion confirmed.

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    I've seen it there too. Have screenshots of the thing at home. It was spinning, glowing, hovering, and moved very slowly a few feet of the ground. It eventually disappeared. Best guess is paladin shield bugging out.

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    My gosh, that is the Normandy!

    Mass Effect 4 confirmed.

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    "The flash of light you saw in the sky was not a UFO. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus. "-Kay

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    It's a bugged Avengers shield, it also happens to hunter glaive toss and in wrath it use to happen to fireball if anyone remembers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightofdawn View Post
    avengers shield is gold/orange, not green
    True, but the animation itself is a model in the game. Open up WoWModelViewer, find the file, and you'll see that it's yellow. What's causing the green is that it's night-time in that picture, as models are affected by global and local lighting effects (and the global ambient light in Westfall at night is dark blue).

    You might have seen them flying across Arathi Basin towards one of the GY's. It's basically an avenger's shield that was midair when the target died. "Bitch be tracking you even after you dead!"

    Avenger's Shield - Missing it's target at the most inconvenient times since Hyjal trash waves. Missed so much they even added alerts for it to relevant addons.

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    In all seriousness though...

    I really wish that they would do more end-xpac/beginning-xpac events and things completely unannounced... Just really small easter eggs, something just odd like this... Then a week or so later, something else... Building up maybe to a random NPC in some remote location for someone leveling to stumble upon, share in Trade, and off goes the world to investigate.

    Would just seem cool to add that element of wonder and immersion.

    It would just bring a lot of the wonder back into the game instead of "well, next xpac is coming, here's everything about it, oh, and the end boss will be ______"

    idk, would just add that conspiracy theory fun into "what's going to happen?!" ingame instead of really, really bad "what's the next xpac" forums lol.

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    Found one a long time ago, a few years infact, in Ghostlands, near Zul Aman.

    What should that be a sign of BTW?

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    Could it be a GM ? inb4 someone else its linked to the Burning Legion

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    I want to believe ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnome View Post
    Truth be told, I have no idea what this is.. It was just spinning there.

    LOL It's a bugged out paladin spell yea! I had exactly the same and also happening with glaive toss hunter spell. It was just circling around in Durotar for no reason. I always laugh at those things. I do have to say that it happens allot again in 5.4

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