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    Quote Originally Posted by Glurp View Post
    I try Cyclone people before they get killed :>
    I don't have Cyclone... But I'll give them the quickest Death Grip of their soon to be short life.

    I'm good at helping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincayra View Post
    every week we all full switch to the mc'd and kill them.

    best part of the raid week imho
    My guild raid group (25 man) will actually slow dps to get more people MC'D to kill. Vent comes alive with joy and laughter at killing fellow guildies.

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    Well, my Paladin kind of likes to get bribed and then cast Hand of Protection on the boss so he dies that one bit extra slower and giving the guild time to kill me too <.<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlzone View Post
    "Mokvar the Treasurer's Bribe ability should now be properly removed when the target has less than 50% health. "

    next time in there... have your soul swaps ready
    You will be remembered, glorious past acts of fratricide...

    I agree with most sentiments in here, it's hilarious. Then there was the one time when the frost mage had just used his orb before getting bribed. The orb ticked, he started frost lance spamming for 200k non-crits, and half the raid was murdered in a true act of instant karma. Cue the raid bursting into laughter.
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    if i ever get MC"ed there, i'll be dead instantly, as retribution for all the times i killed them with "old Darlaran" portal over the summonning portal

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    I'm deeply sadden by the Hotfix!

    No more collecting Bounty's from raid members..

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    Rest in rip soo fun. it was fun while it lasted
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpheus View Post
    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by smartazjb0y View Post
    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
    14/14h and finally done

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