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    Parallels between MoP and current politics

    Garrosh’s Tea Party Horde, the “pure” conservative Horde, takes over its respective faction. They terrorize the world for a while "shutting it down," with Ted Cruz/Garrosh Hellscream leading the way while John Boehner/Thrall proves to be utterly ineffective. Meanwhile, President Varian Obama learns from his past mistakes in dealing with the Hordepublicans and stands firm, letting them eat away at each other (the Democrats “won” by literally waiting it out, much like the Alliance). Finally, the Tea Horde’s schemes are ended.

    Vol’Jin is Mitch McConnel in this, and Harry Reid is of course the player character. The American people, as usual, are the annoying trash mobs in the raid. IT’S ALL CONNECTED.

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    This isn't an acceptable thread here

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