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    Immerseus 10HC.

    Yesterday we started in SoO hc, but we just wipe two hours on this boss, i feel like we are missing something, everyone know the mechanics but there is two thing that are wiping us: huge ammount of stack on the tanks, the dk tank can easily get 7-9 stack so one of the healer is at charge of dispell him while the priest mass dispell the raid, in the whirl, the damage sometimes is low, other times it one shot 3 people.

    What is the best way to handle this boss? burn him with bl and burn all the stack while the healer dispell the dps? or dps switch when they see the first adds?

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    We get 3-4 stacks on everyone, 5 if you know you can take it (never more than that). Then focus on AEing adds untill you get dispeled/stacks drop. Then get new stacks. Repeat untill boss is stack free. Seems to work fine.

    As for swirl, if people just die it mostly means they got hit more than once. What we do in case of "bad" swirl, wait till it's close to us, then use Rally/Devo and run towards it/through it. You eat one hit, but it won't kill anyone.

    What we do for phase 1 positioning also is we have the whole raid stand in a line, pretty close to each other (line from the boss towards back), and just make a step to the right when a puddle appears under them. 0 movement otherwise. It might seem over-complicating things, but it does make the fight VERY clean.
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    A few things.
    1) Theres 2 schools of thought on the stacks. One is to get 3 and switch to adds / stop dps. The other is to Blitz and mass dispel. I prefer the first way, screw up the second and people fall over because the damage increases exponentially. The tank can switch to adds so he doesn't have to pick up so many stacks. does AMS prevent the application?
    2) Swirl should be easy to handle. See where the boss is facing, and he always rotates clockwise. You have a few options:
    - Outrange it (run to outer edge)
    - Outrun it, this is the riskiest imo because if it catches you you'll take more than 1 tick which will likely kill you
    - Run through it. (Pop a CD and only take one tick)

    Another thing we found helped is that after every swirl we just moved on one quadrant to avoid having too many stupid puddles all over. We also made people stand about 5 yards apart and just take one step back when a puddle spawned, none of this headless chicken "lol look I can jump around left and right while I dps" shit.

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    3-4 stacks and all dps/tanks stop doing whatever gives them stacks. The boss is not a dps check, but if you lose ppl early (which is the only time that's challenging) you can't beat him.

    The first two p1's are the challenging part of the fight. Once you get further than that, you kill it

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    Using a mass dispel might be somewhat viable but I would think it would create more problems than it solves (gotta have people close and stacks keep building anyway). Only a direct attack on the boss will give you a stack (and generate an add). So the off tank should be picking up adds and not getting stacks anyway. We just make sure the immerseus tank never gets about 4 stacks. I really recommend saving dispels only for the tanks or emergencies (someone accidentally gets a lot of stacks). The debuff goes up exponentially so 9 stacks is a ton of unnecessary damage even for a tank.

    As for everyone the debuff doesn't last for long. We have everyone switch off the boss after they get 3-4 stacks (you may find dps have a hard time controlling themselves...they just have to deal with it and watch their debuff), dps the adds (make sure not pull aggro and any incidentally aoe that hits the boss is a bonus cause it doesn't give stacks) until the debuff falls off naturally, then switch back to boss. Once the debuff if off the boss everyone pretty much go full time on boss and get him to 0% ASAP so as to not get an additional round of debuffs and adds. This is important to have someone call out cause we found people would just keep dpsing adds and the boss would go down slow and we kept getting more adds compounding the problem.

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    Remember that each stack increases the next stack's damage exponentially. Anything past 5, you're looking at 100k+ a second. 7-9 would probably be in the range of 1 Million or more.

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    Tanks should hold some adds on them to switch to when stacks are getting high. Also burning through the stacks and then mass dispelling is really good.

    As for adds, have the tank move into the raid after the blast to help pick up and cleave down adds, then have him move back before the next blast. They have low health and there should be plenty of time to cleave them down without a bunch of help from the DPS.

    Swirl is RNGfest. Sometimes it triple ticks. Have people run through it if you think that it will hit you. If you try to run away from it and it catches you, it will probably hit you more than once.
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    I tank and I literally get 3 stacks and then just stop looking at him. He barely does any damage outside of his tanking cone..I'll even turn my back to him and just run around picking up adds while he is smacking me. Doesn't do much. No reason for a tank to ever get anywhere near 7-9. Hero on the pull and get 1 swirl. 2nd pots on phase 2 and hopefully get only 1 swirl again. Remember monks can transcend through it. and locks and stuff can port through. Other than that, blow defensive CDs, no real use for them other than that. Make sure your DPS are running *AT IT* if they're going to get hit, if you don't run at it you'll take more than 1 tick..if you just run in you'll take 1 and be done with it.

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    We usually have everyone get about 3 or 4 stacks or so and dispel them all while everyone aoe's down the adds. Meanwhile I continue to single target the boss, we have one healer dispelling the active tank, one healer dispelling me, and our third healer dispelling anyone else who happens to get the debuff from this point onwards.

    Swirl can be avoided most of the time, however if it's going to hit you then you should use a raid cooldown like Devotion Aura or have people pop personal defensive cooldowns and healthstones afterwards if you have a warlock.

    Good luck

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