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    How do I get one of my buffs as a bar, so I know when to re-apply? and debuff

    So, I am a rogue atm and im having problem when i should re-apply slice and dice, cuz it's to small in the top corner.

    How do I make a huge bar so i know when i need to stack up combos and use it.

    it would also be nice if it worked on enemy debuffs, for my revealing strike and armour and dots etc

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    You want to look in to a Buff / Debuff addon: Raven is the one I prefer, but there are a few others that are great as well. I'm sure people will follow up with those.
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    Several addons do that, most can make an icon, soem can do a bar:
    - ClassTimer
    - TellMeWhen
    - Weak Auras
    - power Auras
    - ElvUI ( comes with it )

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    You can use the very powerful http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/weakauras-2 which may take some time to learn or use a more lightweight tracking addon, for example http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/rpb-20 Both are able to track buffs and debuffs.

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    I use Raven for things like that. it's an amazing addon once you get use to using it.

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