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    Classic : didnt raid but Nax was my fav
    BC: Zul Aman
    WotLK : Ulduar ( Icc is very close however)
    Cata: Blackwing Descent
    MoP: Siege of Orgimmar

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    Vanilla: Naxx
    BC: Kara
    Wrath: Ulduar
    Cata: Firelands
    MoP: Probably Seige, but it's too fresh for me to call that one fairly.

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    vanilla: BWL
    TBC: Karazan or sunwell, cant rly decide.
    Wrath: Ulduar
    Cata: BWD
    Mop: ToT

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    inb4 more Cata bashing by people who didn't like Lava Worm Rodeo.

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    1). (Started playing in TBC)
    2). Karazhan
    3). Ulduar
    4). Bastion of Twilight (maybe)
    5). Throne of Thunder

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    Vanilla: Naxx
    Burning Crusade: Black Temple
    Wrath: Icecrown Citadel
    Cataclysm: Firelands
    Mists: Throne of Thunder
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    Classic: Naxx
    BC: Kara
    Cata: ????? I guess Firelands but not really a big fan of any Cata raids.
    MoP: SoO

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    1. ZG (Started late, had loads of fun there, mostly due to those i raided with ofc)
    2. Sunwell. (Just the whole island in itself gave the place its unique aura )
    3. Ulduar (As much as its because of some awesome fights and scenaries, its for the lack of a better one)
    4. Firelands (For the lack of a better raid, Ragnaros HC was pure awesomeness, eventhough we did it rather late in Cata)
    5. N/A (Too early, sure we got the last tier now, but haven't farmed it yet, so too early)

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    1). ZG
    2). Karazhan
    3). ICC
    4). BWD
    5). Throne of Thunder

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    1. MC
    2. ZA (by far)
    3. Ulduar (by far)
    4. didn't play (and didn't see anything looking interesting when going there during mop)
    5. ToT, but SoO seems very very close, may change later

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    1. Vanilla: Blackwing Lair
    2. Burning Crusade: Karazhan
    3. Wrath of the Lich King: Naxxramas (yeah, did a bit of Naxx in vanilla so wanted to clear it for once, awesome raid, probably the best ever made)
    4: Cataclysm: No idea, haven't done any of the raids. (If I were to guess, probably either Blackwing Descent or Firelands)
    5. Mists of Pandaria: Done everything except Siege, don't really like any of them though.

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    Vanilla: Didn't start till BC but probably Molten Core
    Burning Crusade: Tempest Keep
    Wrath of the Lich King: Icecrown Citadel
    Cataclysm: Bastion of Twilight
    Mists of Pandaria: Terrace of Endless Spring
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    Vanilla: Molten Core
    TBC: Karazhan
    Wrath: Ulduar
    Cata: Blackwing Descent
    MoP: Siege of Orgrimmar

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    Classis: Didn't raid, would be naxx
    BC: Karazhan
    Wotlk: Ulduar
    Cata: only raided dragon soul, but firelands
    Mop: SoO

    love the big raids with 10+ bosses

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    1. Naxxramas
    2. Black Temple
    3. Ulduar
    4. Firelands
    5. Terrace of Endless Spring

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    1. Why so many say Molten core? Because it's the only instance you could enter?? Bosses there are horrible, same textures, lame fights, all red... It was fine for first 40 man raid, but best? hell no... My fav is AQ40, brought up some very interesting fights.
    2. Black Temple. Tough choice, so many good raids in tbc.
    3. Ulduar I guess, though it's OVERRATED.
    4. Firelands.
    5. Siege

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    Vanilla: Onyxia
    BC: Karazhan
    WoTLK: ICC
    Cata: didn't raid
    MoP: Terrace of Endless Spring
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    Vanilla : Naxx
    BC: Black Temple
    Wotlk : ICC
    Cata: Firelands
    MoP: SoO

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    1: N/A
    2: N/A
    3: ICC
    4: BoT
    5: SoO/ToT. It's a close fight right now, but I'm far from done with SoO heroics, so yeah.. SoO will probably win by the start of next expac.

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    1. Vanilla - both AQs
    2. BC - Karazhan (still my favorite overall)
    3. Wrath - Ulduar
    4. Cata - Blackwing Decent
    5. MoP - ToT atm, haven't finished SoO yet but can seeing it being the #1 for this expansion

    Honorable mentions would go to BWL, Hyjal, Tot4W

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