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    What DPS Spec should I go for 5.4?

    Hello friends!

    I recently swapped from tanking, which I have been doing since 3.0, and I have no idea what I'm doing.

    Currently I'm 2H Frost, but was curious as to how it stands against UH/DW Frost.


    Any help on which spec I should go for SoO or gearing would be much appreciated (I have skimmed these forums for information so I'm not clueless, just not quite sure either.)

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    With the 2h you currently have i would stick with 2h frost. If At a later date you get some WF 1h (Siegecrafter and Narushen seem most appealing imo) then you could try switching to DW Frost.

    Especially now that you have the 2set, with DW you will pull some sick numbers if you can get a 10 stacks rolling for a decent period of time

    I think the most important thing is to play whatever you enjoy the most.

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    We just had a discussion like that here:


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