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    I always liked the Scryer's Tier/Aldor Rise inns.

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    Any Dwarf inn. I would pick the Kharanos inn if I had to pick one.

    I spent a lot of time in Thelsamar and actually had my hearthstone set there for a year, because I was on my old, shitty PC back in those days and had to avoid major cities. 256MB of RAM, a 1GHz P3, and onboard graphics running Windows XP and playing WoW. It's a wonder that even fucking worked at all.
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    Old Brill. Spent many hours in there.

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    The Pig and Whistle Tavern in Old Town, Stormwind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbsbear View Post
    The one in Shattrah where Tauren Chieftains play at 12 midnight everynight.
    World's End! Yea I like that one as well

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    Kharanos, for nostalgia reasons.
    Thank you, gentlemen. Someday I will repay you, unless of course I can't find you, or if I forget.

    An allusion! What are you implying?

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    Silvermoon inns, the one on the west side the most. Blood Elf inns are always my first choice, feels comfy and relaxing, it's really magical!

    Thinking the usefulness, Shrine of the Two Moons is best choice. Especially I like to bind my HS to the balcony. I felt very empty when I rolled an ally char to find out there's no balcony innkeeper on Shrine of Seven Stars...

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    Brill! I'll never forget the days of making people 6 slot bags if they brought me the linen

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    Whatever that Alliance inn was called in Dalaran. I had an angsty 'I wish Blood Elves were still with the Alliance' moment back in WotLK, and would always look towards that inn that I could never enter with yearning.

    The only time I ever got to be inside that wonderful place was during the Quel'delar questline. It was glorious. ;~;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryonic View Post
    The one in booty bay. Feels cozy
    And it has awesome music! =D

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    Brill. That is until they removed that kickass creepy music you can only hear in RFD now.

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