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    Sim help for Enhance Shaman

    Im trying to sim my enhance shaman i go one way it tells me i need more haste, i put that haste in it says i have to much haste, ive read ppl say to use reforge plots before but im kinda confused how to do it and cant seem to find out anywhere.


    Link to my shaman, i just ran a sim this morning and its telling me to put all into haste now again so was just hoping someone could help me out please.

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    Just because Haste is the highest valued stat that comes out of a stat simulation for your current gear, doesn't mean Haste will be THE BEST FOREVER no matter how much u have. Reforge plots are used to define the breakpoints for when stat x starts becoming better than stat y, to prevent that.

    All that being said just glancing at your character i can tell you ur haste is too low. You've got the T16 2p as well as AoC, legendary cloak and gem. Yet your reforges are Crit >Mastery? Crit is by our worst secondary stat atm. In your gear, Mastery=> Haste. Meaning you should go for Haste on any item that has Mastery and stat X on it other than haste, and otherwise for Mastery. Haste and Mastery are very close atm, with Mastery being the stat that benefits both AoE and Single Target more heavily, Haste will push your single target DPS a bit more.

    Easy way to solve: go to askmrrobot.com, select the standard T16 template, which is Mastery => Haste > Crit, and optimize using that. Not much u can do wrong there.

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    As i said before i put in exactly what my previous sim told me to do, and all i was asking was how to do a reforge plot. I was haste before that cause before this previous one thats what my sim told me to do, when i got my 2 set on tuesday i did a sim again and this is what came out is my current. I do a sim again and now its listing haste high again. I obviously need to set a haste spot but thats what i dont know how to do in Sim, so thats why im asking how to do it. I dont understand what it means by the reforge amount and the step amount.
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    Hey there Buddahpal.

    To make reforge plots do the following
    1. Open SimCraft
    2. Import your character
    3. Select Options (2nd tab)
    4. Select reforge plots (5th tab)
    5. Set Reforge Amount to 3000
    6. Set Step amount to 200
    7. Tick/Check on Mastery and Haste.
    8. Simulate.

    Note that depending on global settings (1st tab under options). You will get different results. Single Target favours haste while AoE favours mastery. So you're gonna get different results depending on "Num Enemies". For now just set that to 1.

    The Reforge plot has two axes. Y-axis which shows the dps. And the X-asis wich shows on the left -3000 mastery | + 3000 haste and on the right side -3000 haste | +3000 mastery.

    Now to find out if you want mastery or haste do the following:
    1. Find 0 at the X-axis and then move your finger up to the line (graph)
    2. Follow the line until you find the highest point (by moving left or right), this is what you could gain in dps.
    3. Move your finger to the X-axis again and see if you need to add mastery or haste (depending if you went left or right).
    4. Each grid is 300 stat (~1 gem)

    You fix your character accordingly and then repeat the simulation until your reforge plot looks like a reverse U or ^ So the highest Y point is on 0 on your X-axis. That means that you've found balance between haste and mastery.
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    Thank you for explaining that to me, i think i understand and am running it now, but i g2g to bed if i need help I'll post later.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ok so this is what i got after my first one

    So according to this i need to gain 2700 haste and lose about 9% mastery i think.
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    That sounds about right, my haste is around 33% atm and i'm somewhere around 7x% mastery with the Mastery >= Haste > Crit template.
    I'm 20 ilvls above u tho, that's why my base Mastery is higher.
    U would get pretty much the same results just optimizing your char on askmrrobot tho.

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    Not trying to be mean or anything, but at this level of "progress" I would focus on perfect executing of rotation, not min-maxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinleezwins View Post
    Not trying to be mean or anything, but at this level of "progress" I would focus on perfect executing of rotation, not min-maxing.
    What does that have to do with him gaining probably 5-10% DPS by optimizing his stats correctly? His Crit was way too high, his Haste way too low. That was his question, not how to play his character properly.

    Also, whether you're just starting normal progress or pushing heroic Garrosh atm, the basic principles are exactly the same and it never hurts to min-max your char, especially as a DPS.

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    Thanks for the help guys, think i got it about where i need now, and yeah does it really matter what i happen to be raiding at the time, extra dps is extra dps no matter what you're working on. My rotation is probably as best as i can get it right now i have a couple hiccups from time to time but theres not many ppl who beat me when i dps.
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