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    Is fury/arms the most weapon dependent class?

    Was having a discussion with guild and this topic was brought up.

    Let's say a H WF 2H drops, which melee class will benefit the most from it. All things equal.

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    Would be interested to know also.

    Rogue, Windwalker, Feral gettin a H WF weapon upgrade

    Vs. a strength class getting a H WF weapon upgrade.

    Which is a bigger dps boost?

    As far as I know, weapon upgrades are huge for warriors

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    arms gains the most, then fury, probably retri after that as dual wield frost is better now for dk's

    feral has similar weapon scaling to fury's mainhand, rogues and such are miles behind on weapon scaling, but of course they scale far better from stats.
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    For 2H I'd say warrior > frost dk > retri > unholy dk.

    About the agility users, windwalker is highly dependant on the weapons too, followed by feral and rogue at last (assuming they're assassination). If the rogue is combat/sub, then the scaling is higher than feral and probably windwalker.

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    Of the strength DPS specs, this is the order of largest damage component dependent upon % weapon damage attacks

    Arms > 2h frost > fury > ret > DW frost > unholy

    I can't say how any of these compare to agility classes, but since most of them scale better in general I would say feral and combat scale better with weapon damage than all strength users, and the rest scale better with weapon damage than all but arms and 2h frost.

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    Arms >
    But I think weapons are huge upgrade for any melee class. Even a Wow's own battlemages, Enhancement Shamans <3 are very weapon dependant, not as much as Warriors dps specs tho, but still the weapon-based damage is a huge chunk of their dps as well.
    This is off-thread, but I wish Arms would someday be top competitor in PvE..
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    Spoils of pandaria = arms carry so I guess it benefits the guild most for weapon to go to the arms warrior (which is me!)

    *Shows thread to loot council* Yippee! *equips new 2H sword* thanks guys

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    Sounds like you are just trying to argue your case for getting loot first...

    If your guild's goals are to kills heroic bosses ASAP then weapon upgrades should go to the highest performing and most consistant DPS. Just because Simc says this is the best DPS class that doesn't mean anything if the player behind that class isn't that great or doesnt have good attendance.

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    Don't know ret has wdps scaling comparable to mh fury wpds scaling I'd say.
    No idea about arms as I don't care at all for that spec.
    I am not really up to date on dk theorycraft but frost dw of course also needs weapons but their scaling with wdps should still be a bit lower. UH obviously has the shittiest wdps scaling as always.
    Feral doesn't have that much wdps scaling as well as huge parts of their dps comes from those 430k+ rip ticks and of course rake with both of them having no wdps component at all as far as I am aware.
    Anyways combat/sub rogues of course should have strong wdps scaling with monks probably being even ahead of them in that regard.
    So overall I guess this would be what I'd go with as far as weapon scaling goes:
    monk>fury>combat/sub>ret/dw dk>feral>uh dk

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    Agility classes (speaking from my hunter specific) appear less dependent on WDPS since Agility as a stat works wonders for them.

    Strength is pretty crap for us warriors and looking at the amount of our damage sources being based off a % of weapon dps... Weapons are huge for us.

    I'm pretty unlucky with getting heroic warforged weapons this tier. After weeks of farming Sha and Nazgrim there's like only two sword drops and none were H WF.

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    Yeah well, thunderforged weapons were a myth for me. I don't expect it to be any different on this tier with warforged either...

    But sure, It's basically Arms > *. TG fury shouldn't be far away either - however since it's about getting the right weapon stats for fury along with the extra weapon dps it's "not so good" as with arms on the scaling alone.

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