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    Help with Garrosh

    So this is our 2nd week attempting Garrosh. We are getting him to about 26% before he does the third intermission phase and we're having extreme difficulty with the adds that spawn right before he does this intermission. We're currently three healing it and one of the things I've been debating is trying to two heal it to see if we can maybe skip that third intermission. I just don't see how those adds + MCs + more adds can be dealt with.

    Thanks in advance to any help or advice.

    It won't let me link logs, but our guild:
    Nox Aeterna - Area52(US) - Horde
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    2 healing it is very viable, but so is 3. The main reason to 2 heal is, imo, to skip that 3rd intermission, so if your dps can do that it may feel easier. 3 healing is alright, too. Once you get back, just keep following the plan. Stack for MCs (don't kill any adds during this if some are still up) and MCs should be handled within a few seconds tops if you're doing it right. Obviously you can't just aoe to break MCs if you have adds there. Single target in this case. Then continue as usual, spreading if you had adds up before MC. Oh, and no dots on adds around this time for course

    If you're not handling MCs properly, and some casts get off, etc., then that's really the issue you're having. Never let a single cast finish, and nobody should do anything but DPS MC'd people until they're all clear. Once people do that, MC is over in 3-4 seconds and it's a breeze.

    Hope that helps.

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