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    decent comp with an aff for 3s..

    what are some decent comps for my aff lock for 3s pls.. cant seem to see anything about it,.
    and whats the best comp for 3s with an aff.. cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by owain glyndwr View Post
    what are some decent comps for my aff lock for 3s pls.. cant seem to see anything about it,.
    and whats the best comp for 3s with an aff.. cheers.
    IIRC, dot cleaves seem to be alright. Something like DK, Aff Lock and a healer. I do not play a whole lot of 3's at the moment but I do believe that was one combo that was okay. Pretty much anything that can apply constant pressure and CC. RLS would be a good combo, lot of control, etc.

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    Ive always liked WLS, WLD, LSD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simplexity View Post
    Warrior/lock is extremely strong.
    warrir/any class is strong.
    Warriors are very OP atm.
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    LSD or LSD2 , MLS , WLS ( or druid but shaman is superior for the comp ), shadowcleave ( DK lock shaman , druid works too but similar to WLS ,shaman is better unless you are playing with a hybrid that can support your druid atm), and ofc shadowplay ( SP lock shaman /druid ).

    Those are the mainstream aff comps in 3s atm, ofc other comps work but I'm simply stating the most popular ones atm.

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    ok thanks ill try and get some of those comps and see how it goes shame I gotta use oQueue but heyhoo ;p cheers

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    At MMR's most of us play at locks need someone who can peel for them vs melee. Warriors are also good BUT they need to be aware enough to peel the lock not just mongo away which is an unfortunate trait of 95%+ of warriors (esp fotm rerolls). Non priest healers tend to work best due to fear DR issues....shaman synergy is still great and trees can be quite good at getting a melee off a lock w' clone/root.

    Hybrid/lock/healer permutations are also good if you don't want to ride the warrior OP gravy train. ele/tree/aff, boomkin/rsham/aff, would probably be my first picks. Though even good ole shadowplay might work. Basically the hybrid has to be decent at cross healing the healer or lock esp vs cleaves which are the bulk of teams you will face grinding up rating.

    Unholy/aff/healer isn't bad but probably not quite as strong as the previous. Rogue/lock/rhsam? or other healer might still work if you have a good rogue who can peel well for the lock (or healer during melee fear immunities).

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    warriors are the bane of my existence this week ;p last night did like 20 3s matches. 17 of those had warriors and surprise surprise they get straight on my ass lol. cant do shit with a warrior on me,, I only just manage to get my gate up most times cos the warrior is like a fucking loony after me lol,, even when I port and gate away im slowed so much by hamstring or wotever that the warrior just leaps, or double charges or intervenes his mate and gets back to me etc and is back on me in no time lol..
    we did win half of them but only cos the other teams were shit and while the war was on me, my mates killed his mates lol.. the other times they just slaughtered us..
    I managed to get a uh dk and resto sham last night and didn't do to bad like


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    I am playing mostly MLS and that seems to be working. Takes some serious co-ordination against cleaves, but we feel like if we play well we win almost every game. Conversly, we usually know why we lost, as its because we didnt peel when we needed to or didnt cover each others cc properly.

    WLS/WLD is probably better because of how durable your whole team is. Get ready to get ridden into the ground by melee though, as lock becomes the kill target every game.

    Havent seen much shadowcleave, but I imagine its good too. Just might take more co-ordination than WLD/S because dk's dont peel as well as warriors.

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    Almost any team your goal needs to be to drag the enemy warrior away from his healer. Getting a fear off on the healer w' a warrior shaped buttplug just isn't going to happen 99% of the time. Luckily most warriors get such exceptional tunnel vision you can kite/drag the warrior to the most inopportune place and score a kill. Once you have the warrior separated get another team member to get a CC on the healer while blowing offensives on the warrior. Its a basic positioning thing but 9/10 warrior teams don't even pay attention to that since warriors have such stupid mobility. If its a warrior w' a monk healer however you probably are hosed.

    Another reason locks need to pair with another dps that can score a kill reasonably easily....and/or one who is really dangerous to leave unattended.

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    got a real good hunter and resto sham last night. did really well.. even against warriors.. maybe it was warrior fotm noob tunnel vision warrior night last night cos we didn't lose one match to a warrior team lol... kite the fukkers away and hunter blows em up ;p


    we lost a fair few matches that had holy palas and dks. or priests and dks... theyre were just removing my dots all the time rendering me useless on dmg and pressure ;p.. if it doesn't rain it pours eh lol

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    WLD/WLS is very very strong right now

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    WLS/WLMonk both seemed quite strong. Shadowplay felt completely useless. Only three comps I tried this patch.

    Honestly, if they just did something about warriors, that would be such a huge, indirect buff to warlocks. Would be fun to play some shadowplay again!

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    I think shadowplay (RSham,SPriest,Aff) Is still pretty solid. It is a pretty fun comp to run as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogawdspider View Post
    I think shadowplay (RSham,SPriest,Aff) Is still pretty solid. It is a pretty fun comp to run as well.
    Maybe I'll try it a little bit more then. But with the current state of warriors i just feel that it's not really working out that well.

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    WLS/MLS if your mage is good.

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    Another pitfall to warrior/lock/healer is the lock is the target 90% of the time but if the warrior blows peels on the lock too much and the healer is swappable a melee cleave can blow up your healer in their magic CC immunities (clos/ams/zerker/+fear counters). So if you have your warrior peel you make sure your healer isn't vulnerable. Locks need a partner who can score a kill. If you use a mage get used to covering deep/nova w' UA and only UA so it doesn't break early. To counter dispel happy healers glyph UA and soulswap it around as much as possible. Sooner or later being perma silenced while you have pressure on 2x targets should put him behind if your partner is good. Try to keep a 10x stack agony on more than 1x target so you can swap that around even if a healer dispels one of them just copy it back from somewhere else. The difference between the first tick of agony and 10x stack is non linear in favor of the 10x stack.

    I'd pay to see a arcane/aff/healer comp....probably the only thing in the game that would be more tempting than a warlock to melee. Even a lolpoints 2's gimmick comp...

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