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    Unhappy Anyone else thinks Flex 4 is a little bit TOO difficult ?

    Only 2 percent of players completed SoO wing 4. And now I am sure that posters here are among the best of wow players, no wonder they thinks FLEX wing4 is easy and compared with you guys, me and my team do really suck.
    But it also seems that, the title of this thread, is not a false proposition either.

    Well after I read your replys, I believe it is the problem of teammates I invited, and my definition of FLEX.

    Unlike you who replied, (Almost) none of them has normal/heroic experience. They were all previous LFR players. I just have to teach them step by step and it cost 2-3 wipes to let them understand how the mechanism works.
    But after likely 3-5 wipes, some of them choose to leave so I have to LF someone else and teach them again. And wipes, leaving, add someone else, teaching, wipes, leaving…… and finally 26 wipes and disband.

    It might be easier for you, who defeat those bosses on normal/heroic difficulty, but for buddies I invited. This boss is just too complex for them who never have a chance to entered any normal/heroic raids after they subscribed this game. We can defeat wing 2 and 3 in less than 3 wipes (because their mechanism is far simpler than Blackfuse's). We do not suck.

    In one word: they are easy for those who has experience, but do you remember how many wipes did it takes to let you know how to beat them?

    And I was thinking flex is for players who can only play LFR before, it seems I was totally wrong.

    Avr itemlvl 540+ pug team.
    PTR 13/2H Live 14/4H RL with Teamspeak.

    26 wipes and we did not even defeat a single boss in the 4th wing of FLEX before disbanded.

    Btw, as a RL who organized at least 20+ pug teams, I am 100% sure there do exists FLEX MAGIC NUMBER. One of them is 14: 2 tanks 4 healers and 8 DPS.

    BLZ: Please reconsider your definition about FLEX which is made for FACEROLLER LFR players.


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    Well whoever says this, I am sure he never plays the game he makes.
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    You didn't ask for advice on how to defeat the encounters. I did it, on my hunter, in a group of 520-540 people who are probably the bottom of the barrel raiders. It is entirely doable and requires people to slightly pay attention to mechanics.

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    The only "RL'ing" needed for just the first boss there siegecrafter is for tanks to swap (not even needed if geared) and to send 1-3 dps up on the assembly line. If you can't do that I think you need to reconsider a lot of things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacHawke View Post
    BLZ: Please reconsider your definition about FLEX which is made for FACEROLLER LFR players.
    It's not. That's where you go wrong.
    You actually have to handle mechanics....

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    Siegecrafter and Paragons actually felt really undertuned. We lost a tank on the third Klaxxi and solo tanked the rest of the fight. Garrosh, on the other hand, is proving to be more difficult. I'm not sure that it's an issue of boss difficulty, though, just the lack of patience from lol1shot openraid players. I spent all evening trying to get a Garrosh kill via openraid, but groups were constantly falling apart within 1-3 pulls.

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    Flex is made to have progression. This is the last wing of the raid and the expansion. Expect it to be a step above the others and there is no such this as a magic number contrary to popular belief. The boss health and damage scales linearly with every additional member. If most people carry their weight. Adding more players makes bosses much easier, rather than harder.

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    I did it yesterday in mostly a pug and we wiped 3 times on blackfuse only because the people assigned to kill conveyor belt adds didn't do so properly. Paragons were kinda a joke, no wipes. Garrosh went down after 4 wipes mostly because people had a hard time dropping weapons in good places. All in all I would say wing 3 is more pug unfriendly than wing 4.

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    Did it in a pug this week with less than 10 wipes overall. 3 shot siegecrafter, 1 shot paragons, 5 shot garrosh. Group was ~540 ilvl on average with two 555+ toons (out of 14 total toons)

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    We just facerolled it. Paragons is the biggest joke. Siegecrafter has no HP. Garrosh just needs a ranged stack spot.

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    You have like 9 months or however long this patch lasts to clear it, I'm sure you can do it.

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    Heard Paragons and Siegecrafter are incredibly easy, haven't tried it myself, but Siegecrafter IMO is one of the best fights in the game ever, hoping they don't make the mechanics *too* ignorable. Garrosh I've heard does present some challenge tho, honestly this is probably a good thing though. Keep in mind, if you down it on flex within an hour or 2, 6 months from now, if you're still doing flex, it probably won't be too fun by that point.

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    Flex p4 hard? Only if you make it harder than it is. If you have PTR experience and normal cleared you should have zero problems.

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    erm following tactics is hard i guess -_-

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    I thought the third wing was harder. If you have two derps derp simultaneously in a 25, you'll never make it past Malkorok. Beer League, my ass.
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    If a group of people managed to die to Blackfuse 28 times I think you might want to consider finding a new hobby.

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    This is in no way a brag, so please don't take it that way. I cleared it with a pug on Tuesday with all, but one of us never doing those fights before. The only time we wiped was on Siegebreaker as we tried to figure out the conveyor. I thought that wing was surprisingly easy after my wing 3 pug experience. Now, I could have just had a bad time with the pug I joined on wing 3 two weeks before (you may notice I don't have a Thok kill) so just as your wipe fest on wing 4, that only speaks on my experience. I will say that the last wings fights are incredibly fun though. Going in almost not really knowing what to expect from everyone made for some really great surprises.

    Side note: thank you to whovever made the addon oqueue. Its changed my pugging experience and I'm having a great time.

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    Did it yesterday with only 2-3 people in the group with past experience. 14-15 of us, and we three shotted Siege (only wiped because the conveyor belt group literally didn't know which pipe to jump into at first) , one shotted Paragons (such a joke), and took about five attempts on Garrosh before killing him. Garrosh is tuned well but the other two actually need to be buffed especially Paragons.

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    Flex != LFR --- and I for one am very happy about that. Finally I have a tool where I can bring people in and teach them how to raid on current content with the actual encounter mechanics intact so I can transition them into normal mode raiders. Its also a cool place to take my heroic/normal raiders to on alts or just to blow off steam. It doesn't need nerfed, its good right where it is.

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    540+ ilvl group from a 25 man 4/14hc guild. Perhaps something was off with scaling of damage/health - we were erm, 18 I believe and wiped horribly on blackfuse many times till we called it. Will try again tonight.

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    No, they are not to difficult. Wait for lfr to open it and have fun there.
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